Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, on Sunday Timmy cut his first tooth! I'd like to think it was his birthday present to his Daddy. It totally explains the drooling, constant fingers in the mouth and possibly even the mastitis. I was not at all expecting it because he is only 3.5 months old! My mom said he was a Stock for sure because all of us kids cut our teeth at 4 months.

Also, I got my braces off! It took 2.5 years! But, I think it's worth it. Now, I just have to wear my retainer 24/7 for the next year...that's all. :( I don't think my teeth looked that crooked before my braces but I really wanted them perfect. They aren't-but that's ok. I'm happy that I can eat without being self conscience of food getting stuck in them, floss like a normal person in a normal amount of time, and wear lipstick without looking moronic. They actually stayed pretty white these past years, but I think I might bleach them to really make them pop. Finally, I'm not an adult with braces anymore! Better late than never?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So, as per the doctor's instructions we've always laid baby on his back to sleep. Unfortunatly, now he head is flat. It's been really frustrating trying to correct this. I asked his pediatrician what to do, after she pointed it out. She said to just keep him off it as much as possible. Well, can I lay him on his side? No, because of the risk of SIDS. So, we've been keeping him in his bouncy seat when he's awake. But, it's not helping. :(
He is asleep much longer than he is awake. So, we don't really have a fighting chance. We also heard about using a crib wedge, to keep his head turned to the side. I don't understand how that can help though. We try to turn his head when he's sleeping but he quickly turns it right back on his flat spot.
I seriously feel like crying. It's so frustrating. When my mom had us four kids, she laid us on our tummies. That way, our heads would have to be sideways, and we wouldn't get a flat head. But now, with the SIDS risk, we have to keep them on their backs. I personally have heard that new research has connected SIDS to a certain hormone and there for, it's not related to belly/side sleeping. But people would call child services on us for doing it. So we worked really hard at keeping him on his back. And now this. It just feels like we can't do anything right.
I just bought this thing called a noggin nest. It's like a donut for his head:

We got in the mail today and are making him lay on it.
My mom said that she would pay for his helmet. At first, I didn't want to have her buy it. They are so expensive, and I thought with this noggin nest I could fix it. But reading the package of the noggin nest, it says it prevents flat head syndrome. Not corrects it.
And, the most frustrating thing is that we only have a short time window in which to correct it. At his four month appointment in two weeks, we'll have to ask the doctor how to get the helmet. His head is hard at 6 months and we will miss the time window we have if we don't. I'm just so thankful that my mom can afford to buy him the helmet. There is no way we could. And, I don't think his insurance covers it. We will see, I guess in a week.

Friday, May 7, 2010

5/7/2010 Swim Lessons

We went to his swim lesson. The coolest thing
was that he went under the water! Like three times! It was just real short little dips, but a great start. Thanks Uncle Dan!


Today Timmy has a second swim lesson with his Uncle Dan! I'm looking forward to it because the pool water is 93 degrees- so nice and warm! Uncle Dan has said that this is a great start to swimming. He also said that its better to teach them to swim as early as possible rather than use floaties. Timmy loves it!
Here he is in his his cute little swim trunks that Uncle Dan got him:

Also, Mother's day is in 2 days so I made some cute cards for our moms:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Love Story

Topic by The Baby Bump Diaries Meme

Mr.Rimke and I met online- to be exact. When I saw his profile picture, I moved right along...because I thought he was too good looking for me! This was his profile picture:

Those lips! That complexion! He looked like a hot baseball player :)

Later, he sent me a 'smile'. Smiles were these prefabricated one liners you could chose from and send them to people. His said "I'd enjoy getting to know you better- interested?"
Boy was I ever!

He called me that week, and I loved how talkative he was.

I decided to meet him the next week at a crowded-for-Christmas mall.
I was so nervous, I almost backed out right before I saw him.
But, I'm glad I didn't.
He had me cracking up within minutes of walking and talking and left me wanting more!

On our second date he met my whole family and we went to Magic Mountain.

We dated for three months when he proposed.
I said yes and we initially planned a wedding a few months down the road.
But I got too impatient and we eloped that week :)

It was truly a whirlwind romance and I think it's still just sinking in.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Nursery

My mom gave me a twin bed that she had laying around her house.

And you know it went in the nursery!
For um, guests...
or more babies.

I have to admit a little secret. When we moved into our two bedroom apartment from our one bedroom, I did a little space planning. Using bunk beds with a trundle (pull out bed) under neath, plus a crib, I could fit four kids in that one bedroom.