Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Love Story

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Mr.Rimke and I met online- to be exact. When I saw his profile picture, I moved right along...because I thought he was too good looking for me! This was his profile picture:

Those lips! That complexion! He looked like a hot baseball player :)

Later, he sent me a 'smile'. Smiles were these prefabricated one liners you could chose from and send them to people. His said "I'd enjoy getting to know you better- interested?"
Boy was I ever!

He called me that week, and I loved how talkative he was.

I decided to meet him the next week at a crowded-for-Christmas mall.
I was so nervous, I almost backed out right before I saw him.
But, I'm glad I didn't.
He had me cracking up within minutes of walking and talking and left me wanting more!

On our second date he met my whole family and we went to Magic Mountain.

We dated for three months when he proposed.
I said yes and we initially planned a wedding a few months down the road.
But I got too impatient and we eloped that week :)

It was truly a whirlwind romance and I think it's still just sinking in.

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