Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, on Sunday Timmy cut his first tooth! I'd like to think it was his birthday present to his Daddy. It totally explains the drooling, constant fingers in the mouth and possibly even the mastitis. I was not at all expecting it because he is only 3.5 months old! My mom said he was a Stock for sure because all of us kids cut our teeth at 4 months.

Also, I got my braces off! It took 2.5 years! But, I think it's worth it. Now, I just have to wear my retainer 24/7 for the next year...that's all. :( I don't think my teeth looked that crooked before my braces but I really wanted them perfect. They aren't-but that's ok. I'm happy that I can eat without being self conscience of food getting stuck in them, floss like a normal person in a normal amount of time, and wear lipstick without looking moronic. They actually stayed pretty white these past years, but I think I might bleach them to really make them pop. Finally, I'm not an adult with braces anymore! Better late than never?

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