Monday, December 30, 2013

Girly Skirts

1, 2, 3...


Five girly skirts in sizes 3T... 3-4T

Two 4Ts..

 ...and a 7!

That's a lot of stitching. Lots of Hobby Lobby fabric and thread :) I used my craft day at a Scrapbook shop to do all the cutting, and some of the sewing, then I worked on them between Dec.8 and Christmas Eve Eve. So, in total two and a half weeks! I hand-sewed all the basting stitches for the ruffles because my machine's basting stitch doesn't work, and then all the finishing was done by zig-zag stitching vs. serger. You could've even seen me hand sewing this psychedelic fabric on the 15 driving through the dessert to Las Vegas.

This was the second year of making girly skirts for some of the special girlies in my life; my four nieces and a special gal we babysit all the time :) This annual tradition made me think of Hannah from the Bible who visited her young son Samuel during his priesthood training:
18" The boy Samuel served the Lord and wore a special linen garment[d] 19 and the clothes[e] his mother made for him. She would bring new clothes every year, when she and her husband came to offer sacrifices at Shiloh."
 1 Samuel 2:18

I just always thought it was sweet that even though she couldn't be with her son all the time, she was thinking about him and making special clothes for him!

 And, when you spend lots of time on a special gift, chances are you'll spend some extra time on the wrapping :)

The pattern can be found here on Pink Fig Design's blog website.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013!

Christmas was so fun this year, it was the first time spending the actual day with just our family of four. It was actually the first big holiday with just us. I kept saying to Tim YOU'RE SANTA, WE'RE PARENTS; so much is still sinking in about the child to parent transition sometimes. This will be a recap in pictures of Christmas Eve, Christmas breakfast and dinner. We also took a bunch of videos, which take too long to upload on my blog so it'll be just pictures.
 Christmas eve I prepped our breakfast, cooked the sausage for the Tater Tot casserole, and layered it, and put in the fridge. Then I made biscuits and sausage gravy and stuck everything in the fridge to be heated in the morning. Tim stuffed the boys' stockings and mine, and then I got to do his. We put them on their chairs for when they woke up. And had to clean. It was the cleanest it's been since then.
Since I have all boys we got Avengers and Angry Bird wrapping paper. Timmy had been soooo excited about Christmas he had his plan of attack nailed down to a science:
"First thing I'm going to do is look out my window and see, it's Christmas. Then, I'm going to ask my dad if I can go downstairs, and if he says yes, I'm gonna go downstairs and open my stocking. Then you're gonna make me breakfast and then I'm gonna open my presents."
He told us that plan like a million and one times the days leading up to Christmas, leading to an all time record breaking broken record amount on Christmas Eve.

Timmy loved all the goodies in his stocking, which entailed little things like stickers, a Darth Vader ornament, crayons, a Hulk flashlight, little snacks for the gym and a light saber toothbrush.
 Troy woke up a little later, and a little grumpy that something would interrupt his normal pancake/milk breakfast.
 After stockings were opened, it was breakfast time; Christmas cut-out bicuits...
 Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole and Sausage Gravy...
 We also had OJ, so that it'd be balanced ;)
 Timmy with all of his presents. Mommy and Troy Troy took a long nap, while Daddy and Timmy built awesome space ships and played with his new Play-Doh dentist set.
 I hung up the rest of my Christmas cards on our diningroom mirror.
And the boys took a blue bath using the bath drops they got for Christmas.
 They colored on the tub with bath markers...
 And soaked in the bubbles.
 I made my first-ever fruit cake from Alton Brown's free range recipe, hoping it would be like my late Grandma's but it wasn't as good! Still tasty though, and made a great snack before dinner!

Troy got a McDonalds cash register set, and had fun "cooking" and ringing us up, and feeding his stuffed animals.
 Daddy was such a trooper in helping Timmy build things that were a little past his age range while I prepared dinner. I started cooking at noon, and it took until 8:30pm to finish dessert! But, I really love cooking, and it was so fun.

I made stuffing, grilled root vegetable, ham, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce from scratch.

Set our little table...
And enjoyed a delicious meal with our little family.

After all the clean-up we put the boys to bed, and watched some of the movie Date Night before we fell asleep.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snow Day

Saturday morning was our long awaited trip to the mountain fresh cold air for the beautiful white fluffy snow!!
This was our families first time going together, since winters past I've been uber-pregnant or nursing, or Timmy's tummy issues had been keeping us from driving the relatively windy roads. Timmy and I made a list of everything we wanted to do in the winter before Christmas and a snow day was top of the list; specifically having a snowball fight with his dad, making a snowman and snow angels. We left around 11 and drove up to Wrightwood, about an hour and a half north east of us and at the base of the Mountain High snowboarding resort. We gave the boys a little bit of the chewable children's  Dramamine before we left so they slept pretty much the whole drive up.
We parked at a little city park adjacent to a school for our time to play!

Though it was cool, about 50 degrees, the sun was out and the skies were crystal clear! I thought Tim looked pretty handsome in this climate :) He was probably more excited than the boys!
 We don't have all of our snow gear so we just wore jeans and the boys wouldn't even think about wearing their gloves, Troy barely kept his jacket on, but we were kept warm and pretty dry, and didn't even have to change after playing, even making a snow angel:
 Timmy loved throwing little snowballs at Daddy! He never even complained that it was cold!
 My little mittens worked great for our time :)
 I loved all the beautiful pine trees and crisp air.
 Troy liked the playground equipment, and sliding little snow chunks down the slide, and letting his hair blow in the cool afternoon air on the swings.
 Tim worked hard on his snowman and I think it turned out sooo adorable! He even packed some duplo blocks for accessories. Snowmen are a lot harder than they look to make!
Me and the snowman...not even sure I should be posting pics of me without makeup but I left my makeup bag at the gym so, here we are.
 After playing for an hour and a half outside, we were all hungry so we went to Grizzly CafĂ© just up the street; it had great reviews on yelp and looked perfect for our mountain retreat, complete with log siding, a fireplace, knick-knack store, and an animatronic moose head on the wall.
 There was a bit of a wait for the small resturaunt so we had some time to kill on the porch swings.
 Once we got to our table, they gave the boys little cups with goldfish and Troy especially loved feeding the bear salt and pepper shaker! We split a steak sandwich, onion rings and cherry pie a-la-mode, and quickly headed out as the boys were slowly melting down.

Later that night, Uncle Dan came over bearing presents for the boys, I made a big dinner and hot chocolate and we drank it outside walking around looking at Christmas lights :)

Also, this was taken the next morning before church because my little matching boys were lookin' handsome!
Except for Troy's shoes. He refused to wear his church shoes, insisting on mismatched, wrong foot crocs, and then Timmy had a tantrum when it was time to sing in the children's Christmas choir. Ah, holiday traditions :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!


Well, not all the Christmas cards got out, some of you will be getting them a bit late, but here's a digital one! :) We are about to open presents, had a yummy breakfast and opened our stockings, time to go!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Pretty Packages and Gingerbread Houses

I finished up 2/5 of my Christmas sewing projects and packaged them up to some of my favorite little nieces in one of my favorite cities, San Diego :)
 Timmy and I worked on a gingerbread house kit last night after his nap and before Tim got home. It took about an hour and was a really cool set up from Target. I got to teach him about foundations, following the instructions and he had plenty of hand-eye coordination practice; I loved it because I have a special heart for construction.

I worked for my Dad for a few years in college, being his assistant on the weekends installing crown molding and other interior trim. I mostly caulked, filled nail holes, and held the long pieces of lumber on the table saw, or up against the wall, and held the other end of the tape measure. Some of the best memories :)

I hope I get to do more construction projects with my boys, although you can't beat edible materials! Troy ate the snowman cookie and some of the icing, and then he was over it and wanted to play with his truck.