Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Review

Well, well well! It's been two years since I've posted on Blogger! I've been making resolutions and one is to keep up with my blog again!

I thought I'd start with a year in review, then at least your only missing one year of my life! 2012
was such a huge, huge major year, I got so emotional last night not wanting it to end, but alas, it has, and I realized a lot from reviewing it. More on that later...

January: Timmy turned 2!

February: Valentines date night at Dana Point Harbor. Started having weekly prenatal appointments with OBGYN. She was such a great doctor, and her office was wonderful, beautiful and Timmy and I would go to the ruby's across the street at the mall after, and it was just such special memories! Stopped Stroller Strides- went on a 3 month (turned now 10 month) maternity leave.

March: Celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, Tim got me pearl earrings that I have been wearing every day since! TROY WAS BORN! What a blessing, God answered so many prayers in making the surgery safe, so much less pain than with Timmy. Troy was so big and healthy and my mom stayed with us for two weeks and we watched Downton Abbey and our church blessed us immensely by bringing us meals every other day for two weeks!

April: Easter at Mimi's cafe here in Orange County. All my family came down to visit.

May: Mother's day potluck at Amanda and Stan's home in Rancho Palos Verdes. So fun, we must do it again!

June: Father's Day, bought the boys matching teal polo's for church. Adorable. My 20-something birthday. Husband arranged for our friend Jenn to watch the boys and we went to Fashion Island for a date!

July: Potty trained Timmy!

August: Volunteered at our church's VBS for a week.

September: Tim was interviewing for a new job!

October: Tim got a new job! New company a friend from church works for, such a blessing! Halloween in Ladera Ranch. Tim had 10 days vacation.

November: Thanksgiving at my parents.

December: Went to Henderson, NV for Tim's work trip. Christmas with both families, all handmade/sewn gifts! Timmy has been having major stomach issues this year and we're still doing tests to find out why.

I made a list of what I plan for next year and I realized holidays are just so nice, they really help you to have big, special events each month or so, and help to break up the year memorably.

Focusing on that next year instead of the holidays/events being on the back burner.

My goals for 2013 are to wake up earlier- 6am or earlier every day, to read the Bible in a year again and become official members at our church. And remember to blog!

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