Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moving to Kitten Village

Lord willing, we are moving to Ladera Ranch in beautiful Southern Orange County! We've been praying and thinking and looking for more than a year. Finally, the Lord has provided a new home! We were looking at renting condos but couldn't find a layout that we wanted, and the one we did like was snatched up before it was ready to see! So, we started looking into apartments around there, and found a precious townhome at a great price :)

We have been driving through the adorable community for church every Sunday for a year and a half, calling it "kitten village" because it's just too cute (and I'm a little obsessed with cats). It's master planned with beautiful walking trails, precious parks everywhere, amazing pools and water parks, tennis courts, an adorable library, great schools, and so family friendly suburbia.

We've been living in Costa Mesa (about half an hour north of Ladera) for four years, had two apartments, two babies, made sweet friends and a lot of fun memories here. So, its a big deal that we're actually doing this, and in about 3 weeks!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Timmy Takes the Pics

Timmy's learned how to take pictures with our little camera this year and I get a kick out of seeing life from his eyes! Some have a tiny finger blocking the lens, some are just of our waist down, but all of them give a sneak peek into life when your little!
He went around to each of us that night and said our names and snapped a pic:
Daddy and Baby!:
Uncle Dan!:

Daddy! (This one turned out really cute!!
The mini-photographer himself :

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chick-Fil-A Knockoff Lunch

Do you ever get cravings so bad you can taste them? I do. And recently it has been Chick-fil-A. I like the chicken biscuit slathered in honey for breakfast. For lunch I love the nuggets!! With Chick-fil-a sauce, and an Arnold Palmer with half diet lemonade and half sweet tea. Well, I was craving it too much for my own budget, so I decided to make it myself!

The Chick-Fil-A knock off meal consists of: Sweet tea with Lipton tea bags, and the little trick my friend Jessica shared- baking soda!! It cuts down on the bitterness. Homemade lemonade with the juice I squeezed and froze from the lemons my parents gave me. Biscuits from this recipe- a great trick from Jessica again, is to freeze the butter, then grate it into the dry ingredients. The tiny little shreds are what makes the air pockets when they bake, making them light and flaky. Fried chicken nuggets, a simple and fast recipe that I want to work on, I'm hoping to try marinating the chicken in buttermilk for a few hours, heard it helps. I suppose I should add some green veggies as a recommendation to balance out the not-so-healthy goodies!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Recommendations from this Week

This week I've been reading/watching some great stuff!!

1. First of all, I've been looking into foster/adopting here in the US, and been able to see some of the 58,000 children in foster care in California. They need families, and I've just been praying about hopefully being able to love on them as Christ has so mercifully, graciously, sweetly loved on me. After seeing my plight, did He just stand around doing nothing? No! He demonstrated His love! He sent His son to live the life of obedience He has called all of us too, and then Christ gave his life to save me from hell, and God accredits Christ's obedience to me! So that, now God has adopted me and become my Father!! This sight has pictures and little bios about some of these orphans:

2. Upon two really great friend's recomendations, I have started reading "Give them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus", a parenting book by Elyse Fitzpatrick. Only like 30% done on my Kindle, but really impacted already! How often I call my son "good" when in reality, he's not! I'm not!! No one has done good, or is good!
Romans 3:10-12
"As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:
There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.
They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one."
So instead of calling him good, we've been acknowledging God's grace in his life and using that for encouragement!! There are so many opportunities to share with him, and just prove to him that we are BAD and we need a SAVIOR and all our obedience should be just out of love for God, and not to please man or to earn anything.Give them Grace on Amazon.

3. On a much shallower note, Downton Abbey season 3 has ended. I went over to my friends house Sunday night at 9pm to watch the finale and it was so fun. First of all, that's my bedtime so it was crazy and second of all, my friend Beth put up with all my chatting and commentary, and had cookies, tea and candy. Dream night!

4. I've SO enjoyed reading again Albert Mohler's current event articles. Current events with a Biblical worldview. Just so nice that we can still apply God's truth in all the nitty gritty details of life.
Loved this one especially on the lost art of cooking in modern America:

5. The lost art of cooking reminds me of Phil, on my other favorite show, Duck Dynasty (I can't stop quoting this show!):

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Making Tamales

Today I made tamales for the first time! As a kid we had a really sweet neighbor who brought our family homemade tamales and I've appreciated them as a great gift. Making them was fun and a great learning experience. I never even knew what they were made of! The white-ish encasing for the meat is ground corn flour and chicken broth. I also learned what the corn husk is all about. It's for steaming the very delicate tamale ingredients...I just thought that they were pretending to be corn? I don't know.

Our pastor Matt and his wife Brianne just adopted their fourth child, and I get to share these yummies with them as they welcome her home. When I had my second baby, Brianne brought an incredible meal with enchiladas and the most amazing brownies (who would have thought to put Andes chips in them?!) and I am so happy I can return the favor :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Tim told me he'd be getting some packages for work, so when two boxes came to the door, I was not excited. He told me to open them up and tell him what he got. The first box had extension cords and surge protectors.

The second box, a little black one, had my Valentine's present! My jaw dropped.

I'm pretty sure when I get to heaven's gates the aroma will be Jo Malone Orange Blossom.

Thankful to my sweet husband for making Valentine's so special for me even when he's gone :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for WIWW. A little accountability in the getting out of yoga pants and dressed for the day department :) I only took two pictures of this week but I'll try and take more next time.

Family pictures in Old Navy pants. Boots, top and scarf from Target.

Buckle Jeans and a Hollister plaid shirt.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Party

Today we had a Valentine's Day party with the Mom's and kids from my church, Faith Bible in Ladera Ranch. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious and the company sweet. I printed up some fishbowl Valentines from Etsy, to all his friends, love Timmy:
For decoration, I sewed a little heart garland:
Troy loved watching all the kiddos playing:
Timmy adores Garret and Megan Rice:
Playing with the girls in pink, Dani and Charlie:
Sweet little Brynn is always sure to give me a big hug to brighten my day:
Some of the Mommies, Danielle and Sonja:
Group picture time!:
Timmy with his bag of Valentines:
The boys fell asleep on the way home from all the fun! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Family Pictures

Saturday morning we woke up at 5, got ready and took family pictures with our friend Kari, from church. We met at a canyon trail in Irvine at sunrise, with rolling hills and clear blue skies. It was great weather! Considering it had rained the day before, I thought we would all be freezing, but thankfully, we were able to wear just our warmer clothes and no winter coats.

Anyway, we had been practicing with Timmy for several days about how to smile and pose prepping him for the big day. Well, he must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed and his sin nature certainly showed itself! Hated his outfit, wouldn't smile, and was poking daddy with a stick in a lot of our family ones. Kari did so well though, and managed to get some where he's NOT crying.

Baby Troy looking debonair at 10 months:
Holding the heart garland I made...and Tim getting poked with a stick was cracking me up!
Tim's favorite picture, we had to put Timmy up on the hill a ways away to get some alone time, only had the time it took for him to walk back to us :):
My favorite!
And, some cute family ones, including the one for my blog title:
I'm so happy to be able to get some family prints on canvas and hang them up! What sweet memories to look back on :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Jenn's Wedding

A few weekends ago our sweet friend Jenn got married! It was such a beautiful and Christ-glorifying day. The vows were so thoughtful, even convicting me of my own marriage! Vowing to "leave and cleave", and to always put the other's needs and wants before my own.
Me and Deb at the ceremony location, a beautiful church here in OC:
We got to sit at a table with our care group from church, so happy that the day she had looked forward to for so long was here!!

Ray and Deb, yes I had to include his GQ pose:
Dani and David:
Mark and Rachael:
Some women from church and I had helped her mom with the table runners so I got an orchid center piece to bring home, which I ADORE.Also, there was a chocolate fountain...and I had the closest seat to it...does it get any better?!
She moved to Canada with her new husband and we all miss her, but I am thankful for her friendship this last year and a half. I know she is going to have a blast up there and will always be welcome over at my home :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Timmy Turned Three!

Our little lad turned three on January 23, but the poor guy was in severe stomach pain all day! Luckily, we were able to get in to his doctor a day earlier for his follow up appointment about the endoscopy and pH test. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics, and to up his Prevacid to twice a day. He was finally feeling better after his doctor appointment, after 6-7 hours of pain, so we drove through In-N-Out and came home for his nap. He really wanted a "blue doggie cake" as he called it,for his birthday. He had been asking for it for months and I have no idea where the idea came from. So, during his nap I printed up a template for a Blue's Clue's doggie cake, and made my list for all the ingredients.

When the boys woke up, I booked it for Target, Timmy's tummy started hurting again (and all he had was some milk shake) so I dropped off his prescription and got the cake mix while they filled it. I knew he was sick and probably couldn't come to Bible study Care Group to celebrate so I figured, just make some cupcakes for the other January birthdays like I had planned to do.

Crazy Target took over an hour to fill it, dealing with our new insurance which hardly covered anything. While I stood looking even crazier trying to wrangle two boys for 45 mins in a grocery cart a few steps away. Not my finest moment.

Anyway, I got home, had Tim help with dinner and hurriedly tried to make the cupcakes. Didn't have enough tins. Didn't have enough liners. And just frosted them at Bible study.

I was all stressed and disappointed because I wanted to have a picture with my boy for his third birthday at Bible study with his buddies and his blue doggie cake.

But it just didn't go. Talking to Tim later that week, I said that picture I wanted would have been ideal, but the bigger picture would probably be him with band-aids from two IV's in three days, and a tube down his nose. It really has been a whole year of stomach pain, increasing in frequency to every other day. Poor lad.

Saturday Tim took the boys out to Chuck E Cheese and got a cool ill happy meal toy robot. And when they were gone, I was inspired to not give up. I broke out his 1st Birthday decorations, tore off the 1st, and hung those puppies up. Wrapped up his present and when he came home, so happy, I got my picture :) I also made him that blue doggie cake, scrapping all the time consuming details of Blue's Clues and made my own version of our dog, Sarah. He loved it!

And had one bite, then was done.

Thankful for our Timmy, his little blossoming personality and his teachable heart. :) and thankful that his GERD is seemingly better managed with the new medicines.