Friday, February 8, 2013

Jenn's Wedding

A few weekends ago our sweet friend Jenn got married! It was such a beautiful and Christ-glorifying day. The vows were so thoughtful, even convicting me of my own marriage! Vowing to "leave and cleave", and to always put the other's needs and wants before my own.
Me and Deb at the ceremony location, a beautiful church here in OC:
We got to sit at a table with our care group from church, so happy that the day she had looked forward to for so long was here!!

Ray and Deb, yes I had to include his GQ pose:
Dani and David:
Mark and Rachael:
Some women from church and I had helped her mom with the table runners so I got an orchid center piece to bring home, which I ADORE.Also, there was a chocolate fountain...and I had the closest seat to it...does it get any better?!
She moved to Canada with her new husband and we all miss her, but I am thankful for her friendship this last year and a half. I know she is going to have a blast up there and will always be welcome over at my home :)

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