Saturday, February 16, 2013

Making Tamales

Today I made tamales for the first time! As a kid we had a really sweet neighbor who brought our family homemade tamales and I've appreciated them as a great gift. Making them was fun and a great learning experience. I never even knew what they were made of! The white-ish encasing for the meat is ground corn flour and chicken broth. I also learned what the corn husk is all about. It's for steaming the very delicate tamale ingredients...I just thought that they were pretending to be corn? I don't know.

Our pastor Matt and his wife Brianne just adopted their fourth child, and I get to share these yummies with them as they welcome her home. When I had my second baby, Brianne brought an incredible meal with enchiladas and the most amazing brownies (who would have thought to put Andes chips in them?!) and I am so happy I can return the favor :)

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