Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moving to Kitten Village

Lord willing, we are moving to Ladera Ranch in beautiful Southern Orange County! We've been praying and thinking and looking for more than a year. Finally, the Lord has provided a new home! We were looking at renting condos but couldn't find a layout that we wanted, and the one we did like was snatched up before it was ready to see! So, we started looking into apartments around there, and found a precious townhome at a great price :)

We have been driving through the adorable community for church every Sunday for a year and a half, calling it "kitten village" because it's just too cute (and I'm a little obsessed with cats). It's master planned with beautiful walking trails, precious parks everywhere, amazing pools and water parks, tennis courts, an adorable library, great schools, and so family friendly suburbia.

We've been living in Costa Mesa (about half an hour north of Ladera) for four years, had two apartments, two babies, made sweet friends and a lot of fun memories here. So, its a big deal that we're actually doing this, and in about 3 weeks!!

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