Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Timmy Turned Three!

Our little lad turned three on January 23, but the poor guy was in severe stomach pain all day! Luckily, we were able to get in to his doctor a day earlier for his follow up appointment about the endoscopy and pH test. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics, and to up his Prevacid to twice a day. He was finally feeling better after his doctor appointment, after 6-7 hours of pain, so we drove through In-N-Out and came home for his nap. He really wanted a "blue doggie cake" as he called it,for his birthday. He had been asking for it for months and I have no idea where the idea came from. So, during his nap I printed up a template for a Blue's Clue's doggie cake, and made my list for all the ingredients.

When the boys woke up, I booked it for Target, Timmy's tummy started hurting again (and all he had was some milk shake) so I dropped off his prescription and got the cake mix while they filled it. I knew he was sick and probably couldn't come to Bible study Care Group to celebrate so I figured, just make some cupcakes for the other January birthdays like I had planned to do.

Crazy Target took over an hour to fill it, dealing with our new insurance which hardly covered anything. While I stood looking even crazier trying to wrangle two boys for 45 mins in a grocery cart a few steps away. Not my finest moment.

Anyway, I got home, had Tim help with dinner and hurriedly tried to make the cupcakes. Didn't have enough tins. Didn't have enough liners. And just frosted them at Bible study.

I was all stressed and disappointed because I wanted to have a picture with my boy for his third birthday at Bible study with his buddies and his blue doggie cake.

But it just didn't go. Talking to Tim later that week, I said that picture I wanted would have been ideal, but the bigger picture would probably be him with band-aids from two IV's in three days, and a tube down his nose. It really has been a whole year of stomach pain, increasing in frequency to every other day. Poor lad.

Saturday Tim took the boys out to Chuck E Cheese and got a cool ill happy meal toy robot. And when they were gone, I was inspired to not give up. I broke out his 1st Birthday decorations, tore off the 1st, and hung those puppies up. Wrapped up his present and when he came home, so happy, I got my picture :) I also made him that blue doggie cake, scrapping all the time consuming details of Blue's Clues and made my own version of our dog, Sarah. He loved it!

And had one bite, then was done.

Thankful for our Timmy, his little blossoming personality and his teachable heart. :) and thankful that his GERD is seemingly better managed with the new medicines.

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