Saturday, March 30, 2013

Troy is ONE!!

One year ago today:
Newborn baby!!:

1 Month old:
2 Months:

3 Months Old:
4 Months Old:
5 Months:
I can't find one..but hey 11/12 aint bad!!

6 Months Old:
7 Months Old:
8 Months Old:
9 Months Old:
10 Months Old:
11 Months
1 YEAR OLD!!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Water Park

We are so thankful for a fun water park down the street from our apartments! And for the incredible weather already this spring. I brought my camera along to get some pictures of the boys splashing, the warmth of the sun beginning its descent; casting long shadows and illuminating the hazel eyes of the little one I adore so much.

What an enjoyable park; comfortable, safely enclosed, encompassed by neatly trimmed hedges, young tall trees with white blossoms. A gate propped open to the adjacent shallow toddler pool. The larger pool through trellis' beyond full with swim practice of the school aged children; the sound of whistles and splashing dimmed only by the water falling on the smooth concrete.
 What's better in childhood then coming home smelling of chlorine, tired and hungry from lost-in-the-moment splendor? Changing into clean dry clothes, eating dinner and sleeping deeply. :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Settling In

We have definitely been enjoying our first week here at our new home. I am so thankful that God would bless us, being such undeserving wretched sinners...what do I deserve? Not just an African hut, but hell. And yet, He has given us a luxurious home. It's like I tell Timmy, does God love you because you are good? No, God loves you because He is good. What a slice of heaven it has been so far :)

We've been enjoying big breakfasts in the open kitchen, lunches at a light and bright table, little walks to the playground, and barbecuing for dinner. I've even had time to finish my wreath!

Monday, March 25, 2013

We Moved!!

This weekend was the big move! We had so much help from our church, and friends, it made it enjoyable. Friday we had a lot of little errands to run, like getting more boxes, returning our cable box and odds and ends to wrap up our life up in Costa Mesa. I was so busy I ended up getting Chick-Fil-A for lunch and pizza for dinner. Not too much cooking time! I also had the kitchen to pack up. I found things I totally forgot I had, like a George Forman grill, and found a picture, six years old, of the previous tenants?

Saturday we woke up early, picked up a big moving truck, got doughnuts for everyone and I scrambled like a mad-woman trying  to pack away every little thing I forgot. Like diaper changing supplies, and our pillows, or the boys stuffed animals on their bed, things that we used up to the night before the move. Once everyone got  there and were in full loading the truck swing, I went to my wonderfully hospitable friend Beth's house. The baby napped, all the kids played, she  gave us lunch, and we were able to stay out of the way until the new apartment was ready for us to spend our first night! We went out to a local hot dog place with our friends/new neighbors for dinner, so sweet of them to treat us!!

Sunday was church working in the toddler class for the first service which we love and a missionary from India gave the sermon for second service. After church we got to meet him and share a fantastic meal at our friends the Langseth's house for lunch. After lunch we went back to the old apartment to finish some more odds and ends packing/cleaning, where the boys ran around like banshees- Timmy in a cowboy hat, Troy in one 4T sock, and covered in dirt from the outside patio. Oh man, what a full weekend, my heart overflows!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Craft Night

Tuesday night was my church's monthly craft night and I got to do a little yarn wrapped wreath tutorial. It was at my friend Rachael's beautiful house and she made a super delicous gourmet meal, I'm talking lobster soup and yummy hawaiian purple sweet potatoes. So thankful for her loving on us!

I was also so thankful for all the ladies who blessed me by coming, and all the husbands and fathers who let their wives get a nice night out! It was so fun to be able to eat, talk, and craft!! I got a lot of my wreath done, and am hoping to finish it today so I can hang it on my new eggplant purple door on Saturday! :))

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Love Tennis!!

 Last night I had my last tennis lesson here at the Costa Mesa Tennis Center. It was a seven week class I took through the city recreation guide. It was seriously SO fun! I felt like I had been playing horribly for a long time. Although my serve and backhand were alright, my forehand was horrendous.  I always had to baby shot just to get it in. And since I always play games when playing outside of lessons, I would play to win, just compounding my bad form.
Then, last night at the last class in the last  15 mins, something just clicked!! I was timing my forehand stroke better, and finally was able to hit it hard, while maintaining the consistency of keeping it in! SOOO happy! It was like a major breakthrough for me, it has been seven years since I was able to hit the ball hard without it going out.

I think these lessons have been SO worth it. Tim, the boys and Uncle Dan came out to see my last class and take some pictures, and it meant the world to me! :)

It's funny how much has changed with tennis since high school, how I appreciate it, so thankful when before I took for granted what a luxury it is! Thankful to my parents for giving me the gift  of tennis earlier in life :) And thankful for my husband paying for the lessons, and watching the boys for an hour every Monday :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Packing, Stamping and St.Patty's Day

This weekend we were so busy! It was the big packing day extravaganza turned packing-why-do-we-have-this-goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, this can all go to goodwill-trash-weekend extravaganza!!

Finally I got my boxes from Wal Mart! Last Saturday, when I went to pick them up the day crew threw because they weren't labeled. This time they put a note on them:

"For: Kim and Lisa
Please Do Not Touch!!"

Except for the name misunderstanding, it was good enough!! Seriously, if you want some free boxes just call Wal Mart's night shift after 10pm and pick them up by 7am.

We  packed and packed and packed and organized and tossed so much stuff!! I thought this would take 4 hours, it ended up taking like 16 and we still have the boys room to do.

I took a little break middle of the day to make burritos with this recipe:

I started making those burritos at 18 for my family when I lived with them. I cooked through almost two entire Rachael Ray cook books when I was learning to cook and I think it's been the only thing my older brother has specially requested I make repeatedly! They  turn out so yummy!!

And after making burritos I took another break to go to my friend Kelly's stamp business called Lawn Fawn's 3rd birthday party at Stamp Fever in Orange. She had adorable little make and takes and I got to see my friend Deb and chat. Fun!!! They did a blog post about it here:

I took a pic in their polaroid frame with Kelly, the owner:
Look how cute this little gift tag is!!!
I. Can't. Take. It. You strawberry jam in a mason jar!!

Sunday was Saint Patrick's Day, went to church and signed our lease at the townhouse!!

You can find me cooking it up in this new kitchen next Saturday maybe Sunday since we'll be unpacking!!

For lunch Uncle Dan came over and we had leftover burritos with homemade tortillas, did a big goodwill drop,  I bought some skinny jeans there (did you know they get the Target clearance stuff??), and went to In-N-Out for dinner. That's like my dream weekend, ya'll!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

What Makes My Boys Happy

Just wanted to share some videos of what we've been up to. Yesterday it was sunny and windy and perfect for bubbles! It definitely felt like spring :)

This second video is of Troy hyperventilating at a taxidermy owl.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

7 things you might not know about me

1. I don't have tonsils. They used to always be swollen, like huge golfballs in my throat and I would get sick a lot so I had them removed in middle school. The best part is, I can't snore.

2. I've read the whole Bible five times, with the John MacArthur Daily Bible, fifteen minutes a day of reading gets you through the whole book in a year.

3. I went to Ireland when I was sixteen. For a missions trip, we helped run a vacation bible school for elementary children.

4. I play tennis. In high school, I was number one singles at a pretty good school, and to this day love to play.

5. Tim and I met online and married after three months, then I got pregnant a month and a half later. Crazy whirlwind!

6. I've had a lot of mall-store jobs. Hated every one. Can't think of anything worse than standing by a shirt rack for 8 hours listening to the same 12 songs. 

7. Both my boys have Biblical middle names- Timothy Samuel and Troy Daniel. I love a solid, strong name.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Growing like Weeds in Matching Shirts

I guess they can just grow up and get all big. And Troy can just stop nursing, and Timmy can be starting preschool this fall, and I'll just put away all the 9 month and 2T clothes. And let me just get out the 12 month and 3T clothes. And when I see a shirt that I think Troy fits into then am shocked at the size, that it's only Newborn, and then realize I'm clearly in denial at his size, well that's ok too. I GUESS.

I just had to recreate the picture on my screensaver today since they had on matching shirts. They are just growing so handsome and I feel so blessed to have them!! They are starting to have the sibling relationship I remember having when I was a little girl...playing in their room alone, or being rowdy and laughing and rough housing. I just love to see these brothers grow together :)

Praying they grow to know and love the Lord, praying they are both saved at a young age, and continue to be brothers in Christ and not just by blood. Praying they become friends too, and good influences on each other as iron sharpens iron :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is in the Air!!

Friday night Tim got home from traveling, and Saturday he gave me a big old day OFF. Well, if I'm being honest, every Saturday he does, we call them Dadurdays. He feeds the boys, gets them dressed, plays with them, takes them out and he lets me do anything I want. This Saturday I tried to get boxes from Wal Mart for the move (only 13 more days!!), and got my hair done. I went to the beauty college Paul Mitchell the school, in Costa Mesa which actually turned out well! Super happy. I felt pampered and thankful for some time to sit and read.

Sunday morning the time change threw me way off! When my alarm went off at 5, I just turned it right off, NO WAY. And next thing I knew it was 7:30. We went to church, and I got to wear a skirt for the first time since Winter started...YAY.

After church I did five loads of laundry, which is when like a half a gallon of laundry detergent spilled on the floor. Of course I had to snap a picture before we cleaned it up for an hour.

It was a great weekend, happy for Tim being home and that spring is in the air!

Friday, March 8, 2013

When Daddy's Away

Tim has been traveling for work this week so I made sure we stayed extra busy, and simplified dinner time by making crock pot meals with those disposable liners---love not having to soak or scrub it. You know what they say, when Daddy's away, the boys will play...

at gymnastics...

at Newport Beach Stroller Strides...

at the Upper Newport Bay Preserve (Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center)...

at the park...

and Mommy will get all the snuggles!:

Monday, March 4, 2013

4 Year Wedding Anniversary

We just celebrated our four year wedding anniversary. Not that it's a super long time, but I'm so happy we are married! Every day my husband is a blessing to me, always working or helping me, or playing with our boys. He makes me crack up, encourages me and anyone who knows him, loves him.

Our sweet friends John and Jessica not only remembered our anniversary days before, but came over with their two kids to watch our boys. We went to Disneyland California Adventure to ride the new Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land which is my favorite. We also rode the big roller coaster. It was so nice to spend some time just having fun, and being able to talk, face to face or hug without having to wrangle the boys. The weather was beautiful and it wasn't too crowded either.

After Disneyland we came home and ate Tim's favorite food- steak! Jessica did the veggies while we were gone, cared for Troy when he got sick, and brought some farm fresh strawberries for dessert. So sweet right?!

It was a wonderful day that I didn't want to end. So thankful for a very eventful four years!

Las Vegas Trip

Tim had a business meeting in Las Vegas last week so the boys and I tagged along. We woke up at 4:30 that morning, got ready and packed, leaving by six. Vegas is about four and a half hours away in a five seater with two young children...lots of fun! I was just praying that we would make it without losing our marbles. With stops at two Chick-Fil-A's (one wasn't open yet), gas (and candy), and diaper checks, we made it there in six hours.

Tim went to his meeting and the boys and I hung out in the hotel room.

That night, when Tim got back, we went out to dinner at this yummy resturaunt called Bachi Burger. We had garlic fries with truffle aioli, onion rings that were thin and delicate, and the Bachi Burger. It's served on Taiwanese sweet buns, and the patty is almost half a pound. I couldn't even eat it all.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at the strip to go to the M&M store for some candy. I hate the strip normally but it was quiet and decent that night.

The next morning we left at 8, had a rather short drive (only 5 hours) and made it home. I hate traveling but am happy I am able to be with him instead of being home alone. Also thankful that Timmy's tummy is doing way better and pain free!!