Thursday, March 14, 2013

7 things you might not know about me

1. I don't have tonsils. They used to always be swollen, like huge golfballs in my throat and I would get sick a lot so I had them removed in middle school. The best part is, I can't snore.

2. I've read the whole Bible five times, with the John MacArthur Daily Bible, fifteen minutes a day of reading gets you through the whole book in a year.

3. I went to Ireland when I was sixteen. For a missions trip, we helped run a vacation bible school for elementary children.

4. I play tennis. In high school, I was number one singles at a pretty good school, and to this day love to play.

5. Tim and I met online and married after three months, then I got pregnant a month and a half later. Crazy whirlwind!

6. I've had a lot of mall-store jobs. Hated every one. Can't think of anything worse than standing by a shirt rack for 8 hours listening to the same 12 songs. 

7. Both my boys have Biblical middle names- Timothy Samuel and Troy Daniel. I love a solid, strong name.

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