Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Growing like Weeds in Matching Shirts

I guess they can just grow up and get all big. And Troy can just stop nursing, and Timmy can be starting preschool this fall, and I'll just put away all the 9 month and 2T clothes. And let me just get out the 12 month and 3T clothes. And when I see a shirt that I think Troy fits into then am shocked at the size, that it's only Newborn, and then realize I'm clearly in denial at his size, well that's ok too. I GUESS.

I just had to recreate the picture on my screensaver today since they had on matching shirts. They are just growing so handsome and I feel so blessed to have them!! They are starting to have the sibling relationship I remember having when I was a little girl...playing in their room alone, or being rowdy and laughing and rough housing. I just love to see these brothers grow together :)

Praying they grow to know and love the Lord, praying they are both saved at a young age, and continue to be brothers in Christ and not just by blood. Praying they become friends too, and good influences on each other as iron sharpens iron :)

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