Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Love Tennis!!

 Last night I had my last tennis lesson here at the Costa Mesa Tennis Center. It was a seven week class I took through the city recreation guide. It was seriously SO fun! I felt like I had been playing horribly for a long time. Although my serve and backhand were alright, my forehand was horrendous.  I always had to baby shot just to get it in. And since I always play games when playing outside of lessons, I would play to win, just compounding my bad form.
Then, last night at the last class in the last  15 mins, something just clicked!! I was timing my forehand stroke better, and finally was able to hit it hard, while maintaining the consistency of keeping it in! SOOO happy! It was like a major breakthrough for me, it has been seven years since I was able to hit the ball hard without it going out.

I think these lessons have been SO worth it. Tim, the boys and Uncle Dan came out to see my last class and take some pictures, and it meant the world to me! :)

It's funny how much has changed with tennis since high school, how I appreciate it, so thankful when before I took for granted what a luxury it is! Thankful to my parents for giving me the gift  of tennis earlier in life :) And thankful for my husband paying for the lessons, and watching the boys for an hour every Monday :)

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