Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is in the Air!!

Friday night Tim got home from traveling, and Saturday he gave me a big old day OFF. Well, if I'm being honest, every Saturday he does, we call them Dadurdays. He feeds the boys, gets them dressed, plays with them, takes them out and he lets me do anything I want. This Saturday I tried to get boxes from Wal Mart for the move (only 13 more days!!), and got my hair done. I went to the beauty college Paul Mitchell the school, in Costa Mesa which actually turned out well! Super happy. I felt pampered and thankful for some time to sit and read.

Sunday morning the time change threw me way off! When my alarm went off at 5, I just turned it right off, NO WAY. And next thing I knew it was 7:30. We went to church, and I got to wear a skirt for the first time since Winter started...YAY.

After church I did five loads of laundry, which is when like a half a gallon of laundry detergent spilled on the floor. Of course I had to snap a picture before we cleaned it up for an hour.

It was a great weekend, happy for Tim being home and that spring is in the air!

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