Monday, March 18, 2013

Packing, Stamping and St.Patty's Day

This weekend we were so busy! It was the big packing day extravaganza turned packing-why-do-we-have-this-goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, this can all go to goodwill-trash-weekend extravaganza!!

Finally I got my boxes from Wal Mart! Last Saturday, when I went to pick them up the day crew threw because they weren't labeled. This time they put a note on them:

"For: Kim and Lisa
Please Do Not Touch!!"

Except for the name misunderstanding, it was good enough!! Seriously, if you want some free boxes just call Wal Mart's night shift after 10pm and pick them up by 7am.

We  packed and packed and packed and organized and tossed so much stuff!! I thought this would take 4 hours, it ended up taking like 16 and we still have the boys room to do.

I took a little break middle of the day to make burritos with this recipe:

I started making those burritos at 18 for my family when I lived with them. I cooked through almost two entire Rachael Ray cook books when I was learning to cook and I think it's been the only thing my older brother has specially requested I make repeatedly! They  turn out so yummy!!

And after making burritos I took another break to go to my friend Kelly's stamp business called Lawn Fawn's 3rd birthday party at Stamp Fever in Orange. She had adorable little make and takes and I got to see my friend Deb and chat. Fun!!! They did a blog post about it here:

I took a pic in their polaroid frame with Kelly, the owner:
Look how cute this little gift tag is!!!
I. Can't. Take. It. You strawberry jam in a mason jar!!

Sunday was Saint Patrick's Day, went to church and signed our lease at the townhouse!!

You can find me cooking it up in this new kitchen next Saturday maybe Sunday since we'll be unpacking!!

For lunch Uncle Dan came over and we had leftover burritos with homemade tortillas, did a big goodwill drop,  I bought some skinny jeans there (did you know they get the Target clearance stuff??), and went to In-N-Out for dinner. That's like my dream weekend, ya'll!!!

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  1. Love your post!! Thanks so much for coming to Stamp Fever and for your awesome tutorial last night!