Thursday, March 28, 2013

Water Park

We are so thankful for a fun water park down the street from our apartments! And for the incredible weather already this spring. I brought my camera along to get some pictures of the boys splashing, the warmth of the sun beginning its descent; casting long shadows and illuminating the hazel eyes of the little one I adore so much.

What an enjoyable park; comfortable, safely enclosed, encompassed by neatly trimmed hedges, young tall trees with white blossoms. A gate propped open to the adjacent shallow toddler pool. The larger pool through trellis' beyond full with swim practice of the school aged children; the sound of whistles and splashing dimmed only by the water falling on the smooth concrete.
 What's better in childhood then coming home smelling of chlorine, tired and hungry from lost-in-the-moment splendor? Changing into clean dry clothes, eating dinner and sleeping deeply. :)

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