Monday, March 25, 2013

We Moved!!

This weekend was the big move! We had so much help from our church, and friends, it made it enjoyable. Friday we had a lot of little errands to run, like getting more boxes, returning our cable box and odds and ends to wrap up our life up in Costa Mesa. I was so busy I ended up getting Chick-Fil-A for lunch and pizza for dinner. Not too much cooking time! I also had the kitchen to pack up. I found things I totally forgot I had, like a George Forman grill, and found a picture, six years old, of the previous tenants?

Saturday we woke up early, picked up a big moving truck, got doughnuts for everyone and I scrambled like a mad-woman trying  to pack away every little thing I forgot. Like diaper changing supplies, and our pillows, or the boys stuffed animals on their bed, things that we used up to the night before the move. Once everyone got  there and were in full loading the truck swing, I went to my wonderfully hospitable friend Beth's house. The baby napped, all the kids played, she  gave us lunch, and we were able to stay out of the way until the new apartment was ready for us to spend our first night! We went out to a local hot dog place with our friends/new neighbors for dinner, so sweet of them to treat us!!

Sunday was church working in the toddler class for the first service which we love and a missionary from India gave the sermon for second service. After church we got to meet him and share a fantastic meal at our friends the Langseth's house for lunch. After lunch we went back to the old apartment to finish some more odds and ends packing/cleaning, where the boys ran around like banshees- Timmy in a cowboy hat, Troy in one 4T sock, and covered in dirt from the outside patio. Oh man, what a full weekend, my heart overflows!

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