Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Day in the Life of Timmy and Troy

Have you ever wondered what our boys days are like? They go like this...

Wake up and eat breakfast

Troy has a bottle (but now that he's one, its time for sippy cups!)

Timmy has a smoothie every morning, we also add his medicines. He normally has two. They are made of mostly frozen strawberries, plain yogurt, bananas and milk. Also great for sneaking in veggies.
 Troy loves to have pancakes!
Then a little bath for Troy...
 and a shower for Timmy.

Then a morning nap for Troy...

Troy woke up!
 After Troy's  morning nap, it's a nice time to go for a walk. They get some snacks, and get to bring their blankies.
There are a lot of beautiful walking trails in our new neighborhood, and I've been enjoying finding new paths to take.
 We walked to a playground where Daddy happened to drive past on his way out to an appointment!
 Troy loves the swings!
 Timmy loves playing on the playground equipment and meeting new friends.
After our walk, we had lunch; PB&J's milk and banana.
We read some of our new library books...

 And then it was nap time
 Troy has a shorter nap than Timmy, so we get some Mommy/Troy time alone.
 Then they both are up, they get free play while Mommy does chores. Sometimes they help, like unloading the silverware in the dishwasher, sometimes they do the opposite of help like spilling my bronzer all over my room, while I'm picking up toys downstairs.

 When Daddy came home he gave the boys haircuts. What a sweet Daddy!! SO patient.
 For dinner, we went to our friend Jessica's neighborhood, where they had a BBQ and Timmy played, played, played with his future wife friend, Claire.
Troy hung out with the adults, like Mommy and Miss Jessica.

After dinner and hanging out with friends we came home and put them to bed!!

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