Monday, April 8, 2013

Ian's Fourth Birthday and Picking Up Sarah Dog

This weekend was so nice. Saturday we went to our friend's son Ian's fourth birthday party. We saw lots of our church friends, and had so much fun.
 Yummy food!!

Birthday cupcakes

All three of my boys (see Timmy on the bouncy house slide?) enjoying the party.

Timmy giving the birthday boy big hugs!

After the birthday party Uncle Dan came over for dinner on the BBQ, and to spend the night before church. Tim flew out for work to Dayton, Ohio Sunday morning, and then we went to church with Uncle Dan.
It's pretty much too cute.

After church we picked up my dog from my parents house. Our new place allows dogs, so we can have her again.

It's nice having a little dog, the boys love her. I keep forgetting about her...she's SO low key. Troy seemed to have a little rash on his arms though after getting her, so I'm hoping it's not because of Sarah dog!! :/

We'll see...

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