Saturday, April 20, 2013

Timmy's Schooling and Warm Weather

Sunday after church and a baptism lunch we went to Disneyland. Our passes our soon expiring so we are trying to go as much as possible.

We  love Carsland...I especially loved this hippie tent's colors.

We planned on getting soup in bread bowls in California Adventure and we bumped into my family. My Grandma is a retired school teacher and we were able to talk and she gave me a lot of practical advice for teaching Timmy during his "school" time.

 After dinner in California Adventure we went to Disneyland to meet  up  with Tim's siblings and our nieces. Some sweet lady volunteered to take a family pic for us.

This week, at the great council from my Grandma, I made some new goals for Timmy's school:
1. Match and identify lower case letters
2. Rote count to 20 (his13 and 14 sound the same and it messes him up)
3. Right/left (especially when reading), first/last, less/more (measurement)
5.Bead stringing
6. Using glue
7. One hour of reading every weekday
8. Letter sounds

She also said that for each hour in school, it should take three hours of preperation and planning. Since my goal time with Timmy is  twenty minutes, I have been planning for one hour.

This week we have done some fun art projects to help him remember the letter sounds for A-D
We also got him safety scissors and glue; he loves to use them!! I try and do his school when Troy is sleeping for his first nap, and then I want to spend more time reading to Troy.

We've been enjoying the WARM weather this week; up to 85 degrees yesterday!!

At the water park grassy area with Daddy after work.

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