Friday, May 31, 2013

June Pinspired

Linking up for a Pinspired post.

 Pink shorts, brown belt white shirt; got it. I tried tucking in my shirt and wearing it as a real belt, but these shorts I have are kind of high waisted and long and it felt very Mom-jeans.

So I just put it around my waist.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bee Week

Over the weekend while walking the Oso Creek Trail, Tim pointed out a huge flower swarming with bees and Timmy liked them. So, on Monday when I was coming up with his school plan, I wanted to incorporate bees now that he had noticed and taken interest in them.

This website has this awesome download of a bunch of work sheets. So I printed up a lot of them and put them in my plan.

 I have Timmy color them as we go.  Today we made this footprint bee, and I just though it was so cute!! I also just loved painting and tickling his little piggies!

 I also got some non-fiction books at the library on bees. There really is so many interesting things about them; the life-cycle starting in honeycombs, their ability to pollinate flowers, their delicious honey making, and I almost forgot about their stingers. Just fantastic little creatures God invented :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

This is the link up one of my favorite blogs The Pleated Poppy does. It's a fun little way to share a bit about my week!

 Wednesday night is Bible Study. I love Bible Study/Care group, so thankful for the faithful preaching of the Bible and for the help to understand the truth. If your looking for a daily devotional, I like this one and have been doing it for 5 years:

Thursday night I play tennis with a friend from church.

Friday night we babysat for our friends the Spencers. She makes the best meals and has adorable little kids. Her daughter and I painted our nails and played fun girly games and it's so sweet!!

Sunday we had church. I got to wear my new Mother's Day Origami Owl necklace! I'm thinking though I might return it for a smaller locket size? I just think it's hard to wear everyday when its that big.

Monday was Memorial Day, so I had to wear red white and blue!! Thankful for the men and women who have died for our country! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oso Creek Trail; Nature in the Suburbs

Driving down Marguerite I saw a cute little sign for the Oso Creek Trail that I have heard about. The next day I took my family there and got a picture of my walking buddies in front of the very sign that lured me in:

Right by the little parking lot is this cute mosaic path made to look like a river leading to a rainbow butterfly. Walking in it felt like being a fairy in the Ferngully movie.

The wide paved path goes under a road bridge; contrasting urban living with nature. Right next to the trail is the creek where we saw beautiful white cranes fishing, and  huge gray cranes taller than my son take off in flight.

As you get away from the concrete and strip malls you find a hedge maze, perfect for little people to get lost in. Timmy enjoyed stepping from stone to stone which lines the ways to the sand filled center. 

Across a little bridge and into a Mission Viejo city park with huge playground and  cute statues. We ate our  picnic lunch watching the boys play, as a jazz concert in the park serenaded us.

Overall containing 5.5 miles of trails and huge grassy areas to have family races, Oso Creek Trail is a fun little get away for some good exercise and memory making. A little bit nature loving, but not too far from modern amenities right in the heart of suburbia.

Find more information here at the cities website:

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Timmy's GERD is definitely starting to flare up again. Its been four days of pain in the last eleven. We have a game plan:

1. Schedule a sooner GI appointment at the Costa Mesa office like hopefully Monday or Tuesday.We are trying to switch to a closer one but can't get in until  June 11th; seventeen days away.

2. Cut out his morning smoothie...just to be sure it's not being agitated by the acid in the strawberries.

3. Increase his Prevacid to 3x a day instead  of twice in hopes of it not flaring up.

All day today he's had pain, with him trying to cope with just wriggling, going in the fetal position, clenching and shaking. Then, it started escalating to vomiting every twenty minutes, and then missing his nap because he's in too much pain to sleep. Then, it was the all-out raging, screaming, wretching pain and vomiting that is SOOO hard to help him through for hours.

Finally, now he fell asleep. We're planning on waking him soon, in hopes he will be able to sleep tonight.

I'm scared for the two-week trip Tim has for work coming up, and disappointed in how lousy I handle these situations. Praying any of these steps will relieve the lad.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Five For Friday

 1. Keeping the door open, letting the boys play on the patio. Troy has really shown an interest in "cooking." Whenever I'm in the kitchen cooking he likes to come and pretend too...except it's with the dog food and water. Once or twice a day I've put a bunch of tupperware with water out and they have really got a lot of play with them. Timmy even made "strawberry cake."

2. School has been so fun this week, even Timmy said so! What a sweet time we have working together.

3. Learning about Salt!! Timmy and I did a little science lesson on salt water vs. fresh water and that night I watched an episode of How Stuff Works all about salt. It's so neat! I had no idea that pretty much everything I use and do has salt! Salt has 14,000 known uses. From cleaning, cooking, paper, laundry, it's really just so useful. The show and episode is on Netflix to watch instantly.

4. Hebrews 12:2 "fixing our eyes on Jesus"-- This verse has helped me so much this week, giving me a focus, and out of that comes gratitude for His love and death for me. How do I fix my eyes on Jesus? Remembering the cross, remembering that "greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13. He loved me the greatest.

5. Been  loving this four minute mommy makeup video...

Knowing it will only take four minutes (just enough time for the boys to climb up the stairs and find me in the bathroom) but have a big impact gives me the motivation to do it. Now, if only my face didn't eat it after a few hours!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zoo Trip

 On every other Tuesday the moms from church get together somewhere fun, pack lunches and let the kids play for a few hours. Timmy soo looks forward to these weekday get togethers, and so do I! They help me actually get out of the house with the kids to experience all the beauty of where we live! This day we went to the OC Zoo, just twenty or so minutes from home. It's located in a huge park with a railroad train, ponies, horses, etc.

 Peacocks roam freely about the grounds...
 Loved the bears...
 All the kids compared wingspans...this ones too small.

 This one's just right. My little barn owl :)

The goats are always a fun exhibit because its so interactive; you get to feed them, go in their pens and brush them. Troy called everything dogs.

One of those afternoons I am so thankful I get to share with friends :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Homemade Tortillas II

These tortillas are the new and improved recipe from my friend, Anne. Oh, how I love a good friend who gives good recipes!! What makes these so much better than the original recipe is that instead of using olive oil they use  BUTTER. With olive oil, they were not easy to reheat the next day/couple days later. They just got too crispy. With butter,  you can make a bunch, keep them in the fridge and then reheat them on skillet and the butter remelts, making them nice and soft again.

Think of the quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos, and burritos that these tortillas will make over the top think of a simple, easy this one!!
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat flour (you can of course use 2 cups all-purpose total if you don't have the ww)
0.25 c softened butter
0.5 cup water
0.25 t salt

cut butter into flour and salt, add water and mix
make into a big ball and chill, covered, for 4-24 hours*
sit out until brought to room temp*
divide and roll out dough
cook about 20 seconds per side
 *I actually just grate frozen butter into the dry ingredients and make them right then.
Love Always,
Senorita Lisa

Monday, May 20, 2013

Implementing Subjects

This week for Timmy's pre-preschool I googled lesson plans for 3-year olds and the first link that popped up was this little school's website where the teachers listed their lesson plans for infants and up by age. I loved how they had these SUBJECTS (the top columns). I mean, it helps break up the school time, and helps spread out my the focus of school because I feel like if all we do is plow through letter sounds, he'll be overwhelmed.

 I printed up these Lego charts I saw on Pinterest from geocities-- not even sure what that is but it has amazing printables for preschool math. JACKPOT.

 I bought these finger paints a while back and haven't used them much. They are very messy, but I saw a craft where you pour it in a baggie, and have the kids squish it, which we tried but the paint just  squeezed out the top ziplock. So, we threw that out and just had him blend red and yellow to make orange.

I also made more of a point during the boys free play time to set them up more educationally?? Like water play with measuring cups and bowls out on the patio. And, playing with blocks vs. TV.

Also for science I just told him about gravity...we threw balls and stuffed animals, we lifted our legs to see how we can push up against it but it holds us down, etc. At the end of the time he said gravity means you float in space. Not too shabby!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

J is for Jellyfish and Colorful Volcanoes

 We've been working on the letter sounds during Timmy's school and we needed a "j" craft. I searched around and came up with a little jellyfish craft idea. All it took was a coffee filter, cut up paper bag, and googly eyes.

We tried watercoloring the jelly fish but the water made the coffee filter just leave it white...which is actually true to life!
 Timmy loves doing school, and getting to display his artwork.

 Last weekend we were able to see Jellyfish up close at the Ocean Institute and I was really excited to be able to remind him, Jellyfish starts with "J!"

 We also did this colorful volcano craft I saw on Pinterest. All you do is add colored vinegar to baking soda. I liked that it was a science experiment because I am getting tired of all these letter sounds!!
 It was also great to show him how mixing primary colors turns into new colors!

 He liked the bubbling sound  it makes!