Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bee Week

Over the weekend while walking the Oso Creek Trail, Tim pointed out a huge flower swarming with bees and Timmy liked them. So, on Monday when I was coming up with his school plan, I wanted to incorporate bees now that he had noticed and taken interest in them.

This website has this awesome download of a bunch of work sheets. So I printed up a lot of them and put them in my plan.

 I have Timmy color them as we go.  Today we made this footprint bee, and I just though it was so cute!! I also just loved painting and tickling his little piggies!

 I also got some non-fiction books at the library on bees. There really is so many interesting things about them; the life-cycle starting in honeycombs, their ability to pollinate flowers, their delicious honey making, and I almost forgot about their stingers. Just fantastic little creatures God invented :)

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