Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tim's Thirteen Day Trip

Lego Robot Family Timmy made.

Well, Tim just got back super early this morning from a 13 day trip. It was his longest one ever and definitly the last thing I would be looking forward to. In my mind, the last half of June was overwhelming and I couldn't even process it! Now that it's over I plan on sharing what helped me get through it, what I learned to appreciate and what I am doing to celebrate his arrival.
First, what helped; there are some things that were highlites of his time away that made it go by so much faster and better than I thought it would. Friends, that's the first thing. My church family an friends were so amazingly sweet during this time. Everyone volunteered to watch my kids, have us over for dinner, invite us to fun outings, etc. In that reguard, I didn't want it to end! Everyday there was something that we did with my church family! Pool days, worship nights, BBQ's, church, the beach trip; my sweet gals just poured out their love for which I am more thankful than I can put into words. :)
 Secondly, Timmy had a new medicine to use when his G.E.R.D. flared up which was not only physically helpful but I think it did give me some peace of mind knowing we had a back-up. His tummy only got bad last night, which was totally my fault for not giving him a snack in the afternoon, which helps keep it from getting emptry and start hurting. I was so thankful for some medicine that can help in the actual flare-ups vs. only prevantative.
And the third/last thing that helped was Face-time. Tim gave up a lot of his free-time at nights, when he could have been relaxing or watching TV to just chat with us! He was able to see the boys wrestling, or watch Timmy jump from the stairs from super far up and somersault on the couch cushions, he was able to watch Troy fresh from a nap and bath, drinking a smoothie and also talk with us while eating dinner. I am really thankful he was available like that. I felt that it kept us more in-touch!!

The boys hanging out with the Langseth's after the waterpark.

Honestly, it really did open my eyes, if even just a sliver into the life of a military wife, who's husbands are deployed. I mean, I could only imagine the difficulty of this type of life 30 times longer as many of them are deployed for a year at a time. If everything was starting to come apart at the ability to really do anything how much more so when it's extremely long periods of time. Or what about the widow with young children. Yeah, I just think that I want to volunteer to help them out in some capacity! 
Now that he is home, I was able to exercise again, go out to do projects, have hobbies, alone-time outside the house! I do love being home, I love cooking and making my house pretty and snuggling with my boys more though :)
Little bouquet with flowers still to open.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Beach

Yesterday we packed up lunch, our  beach blankets, beach toys, change of clothes, mommy essentials, sunscreen, umbrella and picnic blanket and carried all this stuff to the beach!! It seriously is a ton of stuff, but it was so worth it to hang out with our friends! It was an amazingly fun day !
 It was a little overcast when we first got there but that didn't keep Troy out of the water. He was so happy; laughing and smiling and splashing in the water.
 Being a super-busy three year old and shooting water guns makes you hungry! He's all snuggled up and eating a snack after already eating a big lunch!
 I tried  to get them to hug but Troy, who is normally the most affectionate baby would have nothing to do with it!
 This beach is in Dana Point, in the distance there on the right you can see the uniquely slanted roof on the Ocean Institute that we visited before. I've been intending to try out this beach because I've heard a lot about it! It really is great for kids because there are no waves. It has a lifeguard, soft sand, close parking, showers and restrooms.

I was pleasantly surprised that the boys were cautious enough to not go out too deep and just enjoy the shallow waters or play in the sand. I was actually able to watch them while sitting on my blanket, talking to friends a lot instead of right there with them in the water.
 Timmy  and a rock he wanted to show Daddy.
 After playing in the water for a few hours all Troy wanted to do was sit in this little beach chair. He seriously sat in it for an hour and then let me hold him laying down for another hour. What a little tired doll!
Thanks Sally, for snapping this! I look forward to a summer full of beach days! :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Town Green

 There is a little downtown section in Ladera Ranch, just a street with angled parking on either side and quaint shops evoking the nostalgia from Disneyland's main street or Norman Rockwell paintings. It has a toy store and candy shop; that's right, a little candy store we have walked to after dinner and spent 1.50 on some Pop Rocks and chocolate covered gummy bears after browsing the wide array of gourmet sodas in bottles. I don't know how these places stay in business but we enjoy the too-cuteness of it! These are the boys window shopping at the little scrapbook shop. 

One night last week we drove through the CVS pharmacy (so nice with kids!), dropped off Timmy's new prescription and had fifteen minutes to kill until we could pick it up. The boys were freshly bathed and in their jammies. Timmy really wanted to wear his "church shoes" loafers, and with out socks. We parked downtown and I let the boys out so we could go to the park across the street. They checked out the fountain:

 And we crossed the street to enjoy one of the best parks for them! There is a long tree-lined path that stays nice and shady and is a perfect place to race! It totally reminds me of that path in Forrest Gump where Forrest and Jenny walk a lot. There is also a path like this in Anne of Green Gables. "Now you wouldn't believe it if I told you, but I can run like the wind blows."

 With big open fields, the boys have played ball and tag, and I don't have to worry about visibility like them going behind play equipment! The grass is not used for little league fields or anything so they get free range. Caught Troy expressing his joy in this beauty, a la Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound of Music.

And a Gazebo, I mean who hasn't pretended they were Liesl; sixteen going on seventeen? It might be just me. This little structure allows some climbing with stairs but nothing they can fall off of! Another nice, shady place to hang out, color with chalk or run to for safety when playing hide and go seek tag. I also love that it's all grass and no sand! Sand gets everything dirty, you have to lug a ton of toys to keep them occupied and from borrowing other kids toys, and can't  wear sandals comfortably.
 Over past the Gazebo is cute little rose garden which this time of year is filled with all different colored roses and a maze to hide in. Next to it is a covered picnic table area, a nice to sit in the shade! Because their isn't anything dangerously high like playground equipment, shaded areas, shaded parking, close to downtown, big open fields this park has given us many surprisingly fun times. And, reminiscent of many of my favorite movies!! :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday

Five random things I've been thinking about this week, all smashed together in one post!!

1. I have a doppelganger, or someone I've been told a few times I look like, her name is Heather Morris she's one Glee and she also was a back up dancer for Beyonce! Pretty cool! I see the resemblance but what I don't have is an acting job on a sitcom,  or any ability to dance.

2. I finally tried salt on watermelon! I think I remember my grandma doing this? Or she put salt on lemons? I can't remember, but I've heard about this before. I bought watermelon because it's the lowest price of the year, but I'm not a huge fan; it seems I can never pick a good one anymore! I really did like the little addition! I've heard it's supposed to make it sweeter, but I think it adds just a depth of flavor to an otherwise bland taste. Give it a try if you haven't; I liked the coarser sea salt more than the iodine table salt.

3. Back to trying to eat Paleo again this week. With a pancake every morning and last week's birthday cake, it was time to bring in the reigns; bacon, and eggs with a little cholula hot sace, so yummy AND low-carb. I started eating more Paleo because my mom lost a ton of weight on it and said you don't feel hungry!

  4. I've been burning my birthday candles ALL DAY. Love them so much, they make our apartment smell like a dream! I saw at Ross in Rancho Santa Margarita they have Yankee candles for like nine dollars, so that's where I plan on getting the next batch when these are gone (all  too quickly!). I've been learning all the terminology for candles, like throw and wax pool, there is a whole candle lover world out there.

5. Saving the best for last, loved this picture our Pastor described at care group this week. As our view of God get's higher,  our view of our self gets lower, and our view of the cross that bridges that gap gets bigger. Loved it because I wasn't understanding why we aren't REALLY better people after salvation, I mean we can be, but our sin doesn't really get less, (with exception for habitual patterns of sin, in which we are called to confront) but we appreciate God's grace more and more!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Linking up with one of my all-time favorite blogs The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday! For me, it's just a fun way to share the week! 

 This is my outfit for Care Group! It's a time we go over questions about Sunday's sermon and have some accountability with our walks with the Lord. I'm so thankful for a time  to have some childcare and be able to have great talks with my friends.

This is at church on Father's Day. Tim kept complimenting me that day, little charmer!! :) I painted my nails the night before with my new birthday nail polish...see it on my thumb? I also have a scratched knee, just like my one year old and three year old sons. We're all a little clumsy still!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

25th Birthday!

 Well, I had my big quarter of a century birthday.
 Tim is TOO sweet. I woke up to this little presentation.

 That night the Spencer's came over and Jess brought her amazing Tri-tip roast, veggies and a fruit salad. She is so sweet and said I shouldn't have to cook on my birthday. What a friend, I am so thankful! This is the kids table, you know they all love some good steak :)
 Baby Troy also appreciated some finely chopped steak. He can't wait until those molars come in to really get to chompin' :)

I also got beautiful purple African Violets and OPI's "cajun shrimp" nail polish, it's a perfect scarlet.

I love candles, flowers and nail polish. Tim said it was like shopping for a pre-teen. Ha! I just appreciate things that delight the senses!! Colors, and scents, and I also made my first cake from scratch!! Using allrecipes of course! The strawberry cake from scratch turned out delicous!!

We also went to see Man of Steel that night as the Spencer's watched the kids! This is me at the store  getting snacks for the movie. I ended up getting Sushi...which was kind of awkward to eat during a movie, I'm sure the guy next to me could smell it! HA! I mean who pores soy sauce in theater. I did! Alright? It's my birthday and I'll do what I want.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

SO thankful for the grace of God in giving Tim as a Father for my sons! He is so hands-on, fun, consistent, patient, and LOVING!

Dadurday inventor!!
Adventurous, always braving the stress of taking the boys out so they can have fun adventures!
Disciplining consistently in love, even though I know it's no fun ;)
Dependable, we can count on your care for us
Youthful, just a big fun kid! Wrestling, chasing, game-playing all.the.time.

Just some of the reasons we all love and appreciate you!! :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Twenty Five for Friday!

Normally, on Friday, I post five things but since today is my 25th birthday, I'm aiming for 25 things I am thankful for!

1. God! That he proved His love for me by giving up His son to die for me.
2. Tim, my husband, who loves me as I am, faithfully sticking by me and putting up with all my drama!
3. Timmy and his little talkative self :)
4. Troy and his snuggly self.
5. My birthday! Tim's already made it so special.

 6. Timmy had a great appointment with his new Gastroenterologist! She spent a LOT of time listening, trying to understand, asked about seeing videos of him having an episode, explained many options for treatment, and even gave him a big hug after :) She was very helpful, even though she said she has never seen a case like his!
 7. Timmy drew this! It's a happy face, with a head and hair!

8. I'm so thankful for our neighborhood amenities and all the gorgeous Palm trees! I love Palm trees! They are mentioned in the old testament in describing Israel the promised land, and also carved images decorating Solomon's temple. Also, In-N-out loves 'em and they are pretty quintessential to Southern California.

9. Being able to stay home with my boys, and sharing sweet times like this one!!
10. Health! Being able to run/walk around our neighborhood finding fun little gems of hidden trails like this one!
 11. Beautiful views!
12. has been yeilding my favorite foods recently. They are tried and tested, rated and given helpful tips by lots of home-cooks! Recently I've tried Beth's Spicy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
 and loved 'em. I could have seriously eated all the cookie dough. So good!
13. And the guacamole!

14. Tim's job, what a blessing that he can take such good care of us! I DO NOT take it for granted!!

15. Central air conditioning! After living in Costa Mesa for four years with out it, even though it got a nice ocean breeze, makes me appreciate it even more. There were times we were barricaded in front of that little wall unit.

16. My church!! And the sweet friendships it's blessed me with! This should be a lot  higher on the list!

17. Monster's Inc 2 coming out next Friday-- planning on taking Timmy for a special night out :)

18. Yummy smelling candles. "A little perfume delights the heart" -Proverbs

19. Getting my van door handle fixed! HA! That's been an embarrassing pain!

20. Hope of heaven! That this world is not what it's all about!

21. The Bible! Learning the truth, and how to handle life.

22. Forgiveness! Because I need it way more than anyone else ever, guaranteed!

23.Opportunities to serve the Lord.

24. People who help me in life!! I  have the sweetest support :)

25. I'm running late!! Thankful for things to do :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

What I wore while weirdly posing.

I love these ruffly tops. I now have them in five colors. Wal-mart, ya'll, on clearance. I'm cheap! But that's a lot of ruffling for $7. I've thought about adding ruffling like  this on to my t-shirts and it would be a lot of sewing.

The only thing is, is that these shirts require lots of sunscreen. Why can't they be crew neck? Can I sew anything across the front to make them more crew neck? Would that be weird? Probably.

Isn't Troy cute?? I feel like if it wasn't for him keeping me busy...what would I do? I just love this season so much.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Karsten's Party and Orphan Care Night

 Saturday morning I took the van in to the shop so Tim stayed home with the boys. He sent me this picture and I was dying! Those are my boots. Just too much silly cute.
Saturday night we went to Timmy's friend Karsten's 4th b-day party at a bounce house place and it was so fun! Not just for the kids!

 Timmy and Karsten, cute little buddies!

Sunday was Orphan Care Night and Tim once again stayed home with the boys! What a sweet guy! These are them in matching shirts bringing me the cookies I almost forgot.

 They had such fun silent auction stuff! You can just barely see my wreath below and behind this adorable sign.

Besides the silent auction, there were orphan care organizations and information booths. This is the one for Compassion International, a WONDERFUL sponsorship program!

 These are some of the couples in our church who are adopting/fostering! That's my pastor and his wife sharing their encouraging insight!

 Then the orphan care representatives gave a brief description of their organizations. Their are so many ways to help care for the fatherless, big and small, near and far!!

 I won two movie tickets and six passes to bounce at the place where Karsten had his party!