Thursday, June 6, 2013

Doctors Appointments and Quirky Imaginations!

Troy turned 14 months last week but my camera battery died and I had to order a new one which just came so I am finally able to upload these!
 We  went to a new pediatrician here in Ladera and he seems really great. Some of the people from church go to him as well. They took his measurements, and as usual his head is big! The doctor recommended less milk for we have been cutting out his lunch milk and just giving him water.
 He got some shots in his arm this time (usually it's been in the legs!) which I like because I don't have worry  about hurting them when I buckle him up the carseat.
 He loves rolling around on the ground and clobbering anyone near him.

He's also become just one of the boys, able to keep up with most of the playing! Here he is in a diaper box. Daddy and Timmy took turns pushing him. Then Timmy and Troy went in the box.

 Timmy is now 3 years and 5 months. On his way to being three and a half! He's becoming more quirky? I think his imagination is really blossoming as he tries to reenact things he sees.

 Wearing a backpack, just cuz...

Also, he wanted me to wrap toilet paper around his arms, just like this, even specifying to go between his thumb and forefinger. Then he wanted me to write his name. He called them his "robot arms" but recently our friend's son had a cast just like this after breaking his forearm, and I think that's where he got the idea!

 And  of course hating pants.

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