Monday, June 24, 2013

Town Green

 There is a little downtown section in Ladera Ranch, just a street with angled parking on either side and quaint shops evoking the nostalgia from Disneyland's main street or Norman Rockwell paintings. It has a toy store and candy shop; that's right, a little candy store we have walked to after dinner and spent 1.50 on some Pop Rocks and chocolate covered gummy bears after browsing the wide array of gourmet sodas in bottles. I don't know how these places stay in business but we enjoy the too-cuteness of it! These are the boys window shopping at the little scrapbook shop. 

One night last week we drove through the CVS pharmacy (so nice with kids!), dropped off Timmy's new prescription and had fifteen minutes to kill until we could pick it up. The boys were freshly bathed and in their jammies. Timmy really wanted to wear his "church shoes" loafers, and with out socks. We parked downtown and I let the boys out so we could go to the park across the street. They checked out the fountain:

 And we crossed the street to enjoy one of the best parks for them! There is a long tree-lined path that stays nice and shady and is a perfect place to race! It totally reminds me of that path in Forrest Gump where Forrest and Jenny walk a lot. There is also a path like this in Anne of Green Gables. "Now you wouldn't believe it if I told you, but I can run like the wind blows."

 With big open fields, the boys have played ball and tag, and I don't have to worry about visibility like them going behind play equipment! The grass is not used for little league fields or anything so they get free range. Caught Troy expressing his joy in this beauty, a la Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound of Music.

And a Gazebo, I mean who hasn't pretended they were Liesl; sixteen going on seventeen? It might be just me. This little structure allows some climbing with stairs but nothing they can fall off of! Another nice, shady place to hang out, color with chalk or run to for safety when playing hide and go seek tag. I also love that it's all grass and no sand! Sand gets everything dirty, you have to lug a ton of toys to keep them occupied and from borrowing other kids toys, and can't  wear sandals comfortably.
 Over past the Gazebo is cute little rose garden which this time of year is filled with all different colored roses and a maze to hide in. Next to it is a covered picnic table area, a nice to sit in the shade! Because their isn't anything dangerously high like playground equipment, shaded areas, shaded parking, close to downtown, big open fields this park has given us many surprisingly fun times. And, reminiscent of many of my favorite movies!! :)

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