Friday, June 14, 2013

Twenty Five for Friday!

Normally, on Friday, I post five things but since today is my 25th birthday, I'm aiming for 25 things I am thankful for!

1. God! That he proved His love for me by giving up His son to die for me.
2. Tim, my husband, who loves me as I am, faithfully sticking by me and putting up with all my drama!
3. Timmy and his little talkative self :)
4. Troy and his snuggly self.
5. My birthday! Tim's already made it so special.

 6. Timmy had a great appointment with his new Gastroenterologist! She spent a LOT of time listening, trying to understand, asked about seeing videos of him having an episode, explained many options for treatment, and even gave him a big hug after :) She was very helpful, even though she said she has never seen a case like his!
 7. Timmy drew this! It's a happy face, with a head and hair!

8. I'm so thankful for our neighborhood amenities and all the gorgeous Palm trees! I love Palm trees! They are mentioned in the old testament in describing Israel the promised land, and also carved images decorating Solomon's temple. Also, In-N-out loves 'em and they are pretty quintessential to Southern California.

9. Being able to stay home with my boys, and sharing sweet times like this one!!
10. Health! Being able to run/walk around our neighborhood finding fun little gems of hidden trails like this one!
 11. Beautiful views!
12. has been yeilding my favorite foods recently. They are tried and tested, rated and given helpful tips by lots of home-cooks! Recently I've tried Beth's Spicy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
 and loved 'em. I could have seriously eated all the cookie dough. So good!
13. And the guacamole!

14. Tim's job, what a blessing that he can take such good care of us! I DO NOT take it for granted!!

15. Central air conditioning! After living in Costa Mesa for four years with out it, even though it got a nice ocean breeze, makes me appreciate it even more. There were times we were barricaded in front of that little wall unit.

16. My church!! And the sweet friendships it's blessed me with! This should be a lot  higher on the list!

17. Monster's Inc 2 coming out next Friday-- planning on taking Timmy for a special night out :)

18. Yummy smelling candles. "A little perfume delights the heart" -Proverbs

19. Getting my van door handle fixed! HA! That's been an embarrassing pain!

20. Hope of heaven! That this world is not what it's all about!

21. The Bible! Learning the truth, and how to handle life.

22. Forgiveness! Because I need it way more than anyone else ever, guaranteed!

23.Opportunities to serve the Lord.

24. People who help me in life!! I  have the sweetest support :)

25. I'm running late!! Thankful for things to do :)

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