Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Linking up for one of my favorite blog's fun way to share the week!
I pretty much wear the same things everyday; colored shorts and a ruffly shirt. Dressing for being a stay at home mom reminds me of being in school again because it's all casual; no business skirts/button downs like in office jobs and it has to be comfortable because the days are long and physically laborious. I always say being a mom to young kids is a sweat show. I'm also super thankful to not have to wear the uniforms of the many restaurants I've worked at; I mean black slacks and a button down with  a bow tie? A bow tie?? Ridiculous.

This was for the concert in the park, with my favorite shirt I embellished:

 This outfit was what I wore to take the kids to the dentist.

Church outfit; blending in with the beige apartment building:

 Outfit for another day at home/ VBS prep night:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Concert in the Park, Krispy Kreme, Water Park, Church and Pool Weekend

Wahoo! Today is my 100th blog post! I started this blog in hopes of keeping a journal of our families lives,  a little record, some Rimke Chronicles. It's also been a super fun way to scrap book, store my pictures and given me a fun activity to do in the mornings before my family  gets up.

It just so happens that this weekend was really great. Timmy's tummy was feeling pretty much well all weekend and we had so many fun family times. We did five activities! Thankful for a beautiful summer :)

Friday night Ladera Ranch had a concert in the park event. We walked to the Town Green park for snow cones, laid out our blanket and listened to a Beatles tribute band.

 The boys played, played played and had a great time being serenaded outside.

Saturday morning we went out for doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. Troy ate more than any of us, and still was mad when it was time to go.

 Saturday after Krispy Kreme, grocery shopping, and naps we went down to the Ladera Ranch Terramore water park. Troy likes to stay in the shallow beach-entry part
 And Timmy climbs all over the play structure, and loves to squirt water guns. He got new goggles or as he calls them "doggles."
 Sunday morning we headed to church! I was turning in the superhero capes I made for the Vacation Bible School coming up in a week! Tim and Uncle Dan to modeled them for me, bless their hearts:
 Sunday night we headed to the pool across our street to practice swimming with Timmy. His swim lessons are really, really paying off and he was actually swimming underwater happily!! Troy liked crawling back and forth on this stair:

I love weekends like these; not too many errands or projects that need done, just time for rest and play  :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Five for Friday; Meal Plan, Boys Playing, In-N-Out, Cancelled Debts and VBS Prep

5. This weeks meal plan proved to be delicous! Sunday afternoon I put a pork shoulder picnic roast in the crock pot on low, then didn't take it out until Monday morning; that's 15-16 hours. Jessica told me about the ability to cook it that long, and I have eaten hers but I still couldn't wrap my brain around cooking something that long. Finally did it, and it turned out amazing.

I've heard about Pioneer Woman's Bruschetta before and saw another blogger post about it, and knew; it's Bruschetta time. I love Bruschetta in the summer. I used Boudin sourdough bread, basically fried in butter-- hello, crunchy savory deliciousness, topped with  juicy sweet tomatoes. I paired it with Salmon which is lowest price of the year right now for some protein.
I  also made All Recipe's guacamole...but forgot to buy limes!  Still, it was great. Timmy  and Troy really liked it this time; so healthy for their little growing bodies! :)

4. The boys have been being cute, playing with rocks and enjoying the big shaded playground next to the pool where Timmy has swim lessons. Troy has been obsessed with "cooking" with Play-dough this week.

 3. So, in January I took Timmy into the  E.R. to get his Endoscopy a few days earlier than his scheduled one because he was in SO much pain. After having called and confirmed that YES, they will do it, and telling everyone who checked us in what we were there to do, with them agreeing; finally Timmy gets a bed and suddenly  the doctors won't do the Endoscopy. It was beyond frustrating, we just wanted to take him home, but they wouldn't let us, and performed all these tests we have had done before, and then billing us over $1500 (originally $6000 before insurance) for it. Tim obtained the records from Timmy's visit and wrote a letter to the hospital explaining what happened. The hospital agreed that the E.R. was in the wrong and cancelled our bill.
We were so happy and thankful and so, so wary of ever assuming the E.R. can do anything helpful.

 4. We  have had a very health-care full week and most days this week we have been at a dentist, hospital, or doctor's office! We are switching pediatric G.I.'s so I've been getting records, dentist appointments, etc. so we've been out a lot! I've pack lunch twice but yesterday, took the boys out for In-N-Out :) Troy loved the hat.

5. Lastly, I've been working on some special projects for  our church's Vacation Bible School. I finished them last night and can't wait to take a picture in some good lighting! Here I'm working on our little side table after putting the boys to bed and watching a show with Tim; happy place!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Boys' Dentist Appointment

Yesterday the boys had dentist appointments.It was Timmy's third or fourth one, and Troy's first.

Timmy went first and did REALLY well, he was being talkative and opened his mouth up so big! Timmy wants to be a dentist when he grows up and likes to play dentist too, it's so cute! They cleaned his teeth and said that their is no errosion or anything from him having GERD. Which is great! 

Troy sat on my lap very contentedly while watching Timmy and for his own cleaning/exam. The dentist said that even though sucking his thumb at night has led to a little open bite, don't worry about it, and he doesn't even recommend breaking him of the habit. Troy, I'm sure, is very happy to hear that!

 He liked the taste of the cleaning stuff.
The hygienist said they were her best patients, besides her own little ones!  After their exams they got little toys and Timmy picked them out some new toothbrushes.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our FavoriteThings; Part 3

Tim's favorite things! Ever since I have known Tim, you know, ALL the way back...three whole months before we got married ;) there have been things that he loves and needs and we make fit in the budget. Things that make his life run smoothly, easier, or things he really looks forward to. These are the things that say "Tim" to me. I ran them by him the night I thought about it and he was semi-pleased, as usual. He listed his family, friends but I was trying to explain it's like products/things, so these are all in addition to the immaterial things that he truly loves.

This obviously had to go first. When he was younger he used to collect Coca-Cola things. He has lovingly educated me on the superiority of Coke over Pepsi; it is more expensive, because it's better, and any restaurant that has Pepsi instead of Coke (I didn't even notice resturaunts chose between the two) normally gets on his "no-go" list. He's even disapproved of the Pepsi line of products like Aquafina. He has a little mini-fridge that is the Coke fridge pretty much but can you believe we've switched to only having Diet Coke's? (Obviously we're we're super crunchy and only do Organic, not)
Because we eat more Paleo, and it's sugar-free. Oh, and it has to be the cans, not the bottles from Mexico---it's a different taste.

Oh man, if anything can follow Coke for Tim, it would be steak. I was practically a vegetarian when I met Tim. I ate a lot of salads, frozen yogurt, Thai iced tea. Then we got married, I had to start cooking for us and he is a carnivore to the max. His old room mate and him would have steak night every week. He definitely won me over and now I can appreciate it. His favorite is Rib-eye; it's beautifully marbled with fat. Timmy is a meat-lover too, it must be in the genes.

The two huge bottles from Costco. This is why coupon clipping doesn't really work for us; he's a brand loyalist. I can't handle the stuff, burns too much, but he smells fresh!

Hydra Contacts
He wears these all day, all night for like a month...even  though your not supposed to. So controversial! Anyway, he goes to his eye doc once a year and stocks up and his cute little blue freckled eyes always are covered with these.
This product is intense. It's the stickiest, strongest gel(?) ever. Which is good because if you know the Rimke guys...they  have cowlicks. Tim's used it even before Pauly-D from the Jersey shore popularized it (ha!) The Orange County Fairgrounds sells it for super cheap in bulk.

Talk radio
Every time I get in Tim's car, it's AM790. Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, other people I don't know their names. He's conservative and loves politics and always knows way more than me about them.

Drudge report
Another conservative news outlet but online articles. If he ever gets a free minute on his phone (which he never does because he's too busy being helpful and sweet to his family); he checks this site out.

Hell's Kitchen
I'm pretty sure he's seen every episode of every season. He got me into it one season, so I can see some appeal. A cooking show, with high standards and drama. Gordan Ramsey kind of annoys me and all I hear is the *beep* now while I watch my shows.

Star Trek/Avengers/Most sci-fi comic book hero blockbusters.
He can watch these on repeat. I don't get it, I love the total opposite but at least they are kind of fun to see in theaters.

Arena rock from the 70's. Favorite Pandora station is a based on a song from Rocky. Again, I pretty much like the opposite music but hey, he can like whatever he likes. Where did this love come from? Did his Dad listen to it? I don't know. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Count It All Joy

This weekend was our church's 10 year anniversary celebration. It's also been pretty much exactly TWO YEARS that we have been there! Saturday night there was a carnival; Timmy got to go crazy on the bouncy house and win prizes in the games, and Troy, our little accessories lover joined us for the photo booth.

We all sat down for a BBQ dinner, and just as we did, Timmy's tummy started to  hurt. He was wretching, couldn't eat, started crying in pain, so Tim took him and Troy home. I was able to stay for worship time which was so nice. The band Enfield came down from LA to play for us, they were actually the band for my old college group at church. Knowing Timmy was in pain, crying, suffering, it was an especially interesting (? emotional train-wreck?) night for me.

I was actually very, very thankful to be able to talk to some friends about how to cope with this. I just was not okay with this whole thing, it is NOT well, I said. One friend shared the verse James 1:2 "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience."

Count it all joy??? Doesn't that change everything? Count all trials as joy, knowing that it has profit. Yes, this is a terrible thing, pain is not what anybody wants, but praise the Lord that he works good out of it. 

Her son, Noble has been through some serious pain too, and she said even at such a young age he is DEEP because of it. I keep going back to what she said too "Jesus loves Timmy" even way more than I love Him, He died for him! So, I can trust Him. 

So, Saturday night was, I think, a perfect (in all it's imperfections) night of celebrating the church! Encouragement from friends, seeing the truth in God's Word...awe, SO THANKFUL. 

Sunday we had Milton Vincent, author of The Gospel Primer speak (read the book!), more Enfield worship, and more yummy food. So fun. 

Sunday night we just hung around the ol' apartment and played hide and go seek tag in the courtyard :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five for Friday

 Last night was crazy here at the Rimke home. I went to bed late, and as soon as I fell asleep, I woke up hot. The power went out at 11ish; no air conditioning, no fans, 80 degrees and a bunch of "beep!!"s from power back-ups throughout the complex. The heat woke up Timmy who had already been having a GERD flare-up before he fell asleep, causing him to start screaming and crying in pain. Tim held him, tried the antacids, all to no avail. He fanned Timmy with a blanket for an hour to get him to sleep, and whenever he stopped Timmy would wake up. Finally at 2:45 the power came back on.

So, now it's 10:15am and both the boys are napping after waking up at 7am despite the fatigue from the bizzare night.

Anyway, so now that I get minute to post, on with the regularly scheduled five for Friday:

5. First off, this weeks meal plan was delicious. Using some basic summery south-western ingredients I made four meals! Grilled corn, romaine lettuce, black beans, home-made onion rings, crock-pot chicken breast, BBQ and Ranch made a this salad that garnered rave-reviews:

With a little variation, homemade tortillas, taco sauce and cheddar cheese we had chicken tacos another night:

 We also had both the salad and tacos with crock-pot tri-tip roast for another set of meals.

2. I finished my embellished shirt and got to wear it! These flowers are two-inch strips of fabric I twisted and wrapped, then sewed on. I had to really secure them so they weren't flapping all over the place but once I did, I was very pleased with the look! Just have to do it with all my other t-shirts now!
 3. I normally do solid colors for my nails but tried a little french mani this week. I used white nail polish specifically for nail art so it had a tiny thin little brush, so it was pretty easy to paint and then put a top coat on. It's not perfect but I like it!
 2. Timmy has had the flu pretty much all week, so we've been couped up inside all week.So my week looked a lot like this: at home watching the boys play. Troy loves to put my headbands on; I'm sure my husband is super proud.
1. "The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty" and "And he who hurries his footsteps errs (Proverbs 19:2)."  These verses, have been running through my mind a lot this week. Trying not to "hurry-up" but plan ahead and be diligent. Fail really bad and am reminded why I'm weak. Even things that are for my own benefit, and I want to do, but I don't. I can't. That's why Christ did  everything perfectly for me and now I can rest in Him.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Working on Our Room

 This month my big project was working on curtains for our bedrooms. Two and a half weeks ago, I spent all day Saturday shopping. I went to seven different stores; Kohl's, two Ross', two Targets, and Goodwill twice. Finally I bought them at Goodwill. Did you know Target donates their brand new stuff there? These curtains were still in their package, still at Target too, just twice the price. I had to hem one in the boys room, iron them and hang the curtain rod (which is really annoying). I think I spent $65 on both sets of curtains and their rod. Which is like buy one get one free, especially nice since these are black-out curtains...which is essential because these apartments have so.many.lights. at night. :)

On to the wall art. It's taken me forever and a day to decorate our bedroom. I finally planned it out, and was able to make this lil' collage from stuff I had already. This canvas was given to us; I just covered it. The heart is paper mache/cardboard and the wreath is cardboard and lawn fawn paper with a little bit of yarn in the center. I've noticed it's not that easy to decorate when a.) you live in an apartment and can't paint/hang shelves and b.) it's earthquake city and you can't have anything heavy above your head. I wouldn't mind if these things fell on me though, so that's good. :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cow Appreciation Day, Beach, Lawn Fawn, New Book, Church and Craft Weekend

Friday afternoon I busted out my new box of hair color and did my own roots. At the 8-week mark after I get my highlites  my dark-dark-dark-blonde (can't.say.brown.) roots start to drive me crazy but I also don't want to shell out the money to get 'em done so soon, nor spend the three+ hours it takes. 

So, I  read in a Good Housekeeping magazine about using a box color for the roots. I chose
"L'Oreal Superior Preference - 7-1/2A Medium Ash Blonde (Cooler)"and did just the top. I really like how it turned out, lightened the roots and gives me extra time until my next highlights...maybe even two months! We'll see.

Well, now that my husband is sufficiently bored reading this, on to Friday night; I sewed the boys some cow costumes and we headed to Chick-fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day. We got like 20 bucks of food for free and the boys got to play on the playground.

 Mommy and my calves.
 Daddy wearing his mask.
 After Chick-fil-A we spontaneously went to Baby Beach in Dana Point! Tim had not been there, and I felt like an old pro after all these beach days! The boys played, played, played and then we headed home. Family fun Friday night for free :)

Saturday I got to help Kelly the owner of Lawn Fawn prepare for the big Craft and  Hobby show in Vegas next week. It was so fun! I helped make these cute little flair buttons she featured on the Facebook page. In return she hooked it up with Lawn Fawn goodies. Oh, my word, it's all too cute.

Saturday night, Timmy came down with the flu so we stayed in and I bought this new book on my Kindle. It was so laugh-out-loud hilarious, all about being a dad to five young children, in a two bedroom apartment in NYC. I finished the book on Sunday morning before church.

Sunday, I went to church and Tim stayed home with my sick little Timmy The sermon is here, and it was about the contrasts in discipleship. Jesus, the only perfect disciple of God with perfect obedience vs. us; unfaithful, and proud.

It was one of those sermons that truly gripped my heart. Eyes watering, throat burning, overwhelmed with God's kindness to sinners. The truth of the good news, that we CAN'T obey but Jesus did perfectly and God accounts it to us who believe.

After the sermon I got lunch and came back to church for the meeting for the VBS in August. Then Sunday night I  worked on my canvas craft for above my bed, using Lawn Fawn paper :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Five for Friday

This week was really fun! It was full of craft nights, beach days, park nights and swim lessons.

5. Timmy has felt well all week, too. YAY! Praise the Lord. At least we think he has been feeling well, he kind of won't tell us anymore, even when I think it's bothering him, because of the medicine this new doctor wants us to give him.  He'd rather be silent than speak  and get the medicine I think. So we are going to switch back to his old doctor. Even though our old one is 30 minutes away, I feel that this new doctor is not listening to me and ordering the same old tests  so it will be worth it to drive.

4. Beach day! Let me tell you how fun this day was! We got there and it was cloudy, like a low-hanging cloud layer, warm and humid. Sure enough, we all started to feel drop...drop...drop as the clouds let out their water. The mommas and the kids wrapped up in towels, huddled under the beach umbrellas. It was exciting, not knowing if it would let up or not! Trying to stuff my bags of lunch and belongings under the beach chair to stay dry. The beach started to clear out, most of the people packed up and left during the little shower. Maybe fifteen minutes later the drops slowed down and let up; giving way to sunny skies! We then had a practically empty beach to ourselves!
 When we first got there, see how crowded? Timmy and his friends dug, dug, dug, in the sand all day!

Troy loved the little beach chairs of course!

 That's Troy on the far right, a cool helicopter in the sky top left and a cool ship in the harbor.

3. Looking forward to this weekend! Today is cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a where if you dress up like a cow, you get free food! Here's Timmy getting his outfit ready. Poor Troy does NOT like this mask and cries when Daddy wears it.

2. Also, this weekend will be the weekend of freezing peaches and nectarines. Timmy loves smoothies, but can't have Strawberries so we use frozen peaches but they can be pretty pricey so I bought a ton of fresh, low-acid peaches and nectarines last night at their lowest price of the year and plan on cutting them up, and freezing them on cookies sheets lined with wax paper then storing them in gallon size ziplocks. If I take off the skin I save $1-3 per pound freezing them myself, but I'm thinking  of leaving the skins on? Why don't frozen peaches have their skin? I need to know this! Isn't that where all the fiber is?

2 1/2. We made play-dough!  I  chose  this recipe because it doesn't require cream of tartar; most do, which I don't have. I thought it's funny how you have to cook it! Timmy helped pour all the ingredients and went to town using little cookie cutters, a butter knife and scissors. Really a  simple fun activity for my youngest blue eyes :)

1. I embellished this t-shirt like I've been meaning to since I bought it. It's not perfect, I still want to switch a flower over but this is what I did at craft night. You know me, I love a ruffly shirt but I like crew necks  and this has become both now. I still have two other t-shirts I want to embellish since I like how this one turned out!