Monday, July 15, 2013

Cow Appreciation Day, Beach, Lawn Fawn, New Book, Church and Craft Weekend

Friday afternoon I busted out my new box of hair color and did my own roots. At the 8-week mark after I get my highlites  my dark-dark-dark-blonde (can't.say.brown.) roots start to drive me crazy but I also don't want to shell out the money to get 'em done so soon, nor spend the three+ hours it takes. 

So, I  read in a Good Housekeeping magazine about using a box color for the roots. I chose
"L'Oreal Superior Preference - 7-1/2A Medium Ash Blonde (Cooler)"and did just the top. I really like how it turned out, lightened the roots and gives me extra time until my next highlights...maybe even two months! We'll see.

Well, now that my husband is sufficiently bored reading this, on to Friday night; I sewed the boys some cow costumes and we headed to Chick-fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day. We got like 20 bucks of food for free and the boys got to play on the playground.

 Mommy and my calves.
 Daddy wearing his mask.
 After Chick-fil-A we spontaneously went to Baby Beach in Dana Point! Tim had not been there, and I felt like an old pro after all these beach days! The boys played, played, played and then we headed home. Family fun Friday night for free :)

Saturday I got to help Kelly the owner of Lawn Fawn prepare for the big Craft and  Hobby show in Vegas next week. It was so fun! I helped make these cute little flair buttons she featured on the Facebook page. In return she hooked it up with Lawn Fawn goodies. Oh, my word, it's all too cute.

Saturday night, Timmy came down with the flu so we stayed in and I bought this new book on my Kindle. It was so laugh-out-loud hilarious, all about being a dad to five young children, in a two bedroom apartment in NYC. I finished the book on Sunday morning before church.

Sunday, I went to church and Tim stayed home with my sick little Timmy The sermon is here, and it was about the contrasts in discipleship. Jesus, the only perfect disciple of God with perfect obedience vs. us; unfaithful, and proud.

It was one of those sermons that truly gripped my heart. Eyes watering, throat burning, overwhelmed with God's kindness to sinners. The truth of the good news, that we CAN'T obey but Jesus did perfectly and God accounts it to us who believe.

After the sermon I got lunch and came back to church for the meeting for the VBS in August. Then Sunday night I  worked on my canvas craft for above my bed, using Lawn Fawn paper :)