Friday, August 30, 2013

September Pinspired

 Oh hey there world. It's 6 in the morning here in Cali; which must mean it's a perfect time to put on your clown pants--- I mean orange pants. I bought these polka dot skinnies from Old Navy ONLINE because I'm tall and they only carry their tall sizes online, and because they were on a REALLY good sale. I actually just bought a pair of black skinnies before these and loved them; that's what made me want some more of these "Rock Star" skinnies (their words, not mine). I however do not look like a rock star. These orange ones are tighter than my black ones...which is a  common occurance with the Ol' Navy; variances in sizes among colors due to the different make up of fabric for each one.
 Anywhoooo, thought I'd use this Pinspired post to try and gather some outfit ideas. I liked the orange and white, but cream/beige and orange pants is also cute!
I mean there are a ton of looks to go with found on Pinterest but I just don't know. I think I'm going to return them?? I mean pear shaped + orange polka dots ...hmmmm. Glad I did this post though, so I can hopefully get some of your opinions! Pumpkin or bumpkin?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Two Toucans, Mall Afternoons and the Irvine Lagoon Weekend!

 Friday morning I took the boys to get haircuts and they wore their little matching Toucan outfits, I HAD to get some pictures of my "twins." Troy did amazingly well for his haircut, the lady said he was the best baby ever!
 After Troy's haircut we picked up some Mcdonald's, and met Tim at a little park for lunch. Tim had  to get a mandatory annual physical for work at the doctors up our street and had just finished so he was able to take a few minutes for lunch before he headed up to his sales territory in L.A..
 Sunday after church we stopped by the mall to get some stuff done on our watches. They wore matching red polo outfits.

 Timmy was in such a happy mood all day, hugging daddy's head.
 The boys rode those little quarter machine rides while I went to get some new candles :)
 After the mall we met up with one of our closest friends the Spencer's for some swimming/water slide time at the Irvine Lagoon. Little Claire being a baby mermaid on one of the rocks on the island:

Days like these I am so thankful to live where we do, we may not go on vacations but who needs to? We have resort-like amenities at our fingertips!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Homemade Indian Food, Seqins, and the Boys Room

 This week I  finally made the Easy Indian Butter Chicken I've been trying to for weeks (their's looks way better...did they add potato or something?) . It turned out great, except I forgot to get the frozen Na'an at Trader Joe's I've heard about, and was way too lazy to make it. So I just used a bag of Basmati rice, crock-pot chicken breast, some grilled onion and garlic, and the sauce is just heavy cream, tomato sauce and seasonings; I used curry powder instead of garam marsala and it was perfect. I liked that it's kind of like spaghetti; a carb, meat and tomato sauce but fun and different!
 And these little sparkling beauties have been sprawled on my table top this week as I help package sequins for Lawn Fawn. It's totally got me in the mood for fall!! September 1st I will be making a special day of getting my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.
 Also, one late afternoon this week I started organizing the boys room. It only took several hours!
The changing station and bottoms/socks in boxes. There is a little hallway on the left by the diaper genie for closet and bathroom.
 Their walk-in closet.
 And bathroom.
And finally, the main room.

That's it! Thanks for stopping by and have a great Friday!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Salt Creek Beach

 Yesterday we went to a beach here in South County called Salt Creek Beach, it was our friend's son's first birthday so a few friends got together for dinner. The picnic tables are up on the cliff, in a big grassy area. Timmy and Cole played, played, played and had so much fun!
 The view was just incredible, overlooking the dark blue ocean, and the Ritz Carlton is right beside it. We heard they have fun Christmas activities so we will be coming back soon.
It has a large beach down some stairs with lots of sand before you reach the water; perfect for rolling in and getting all over your tongue (Troy why??).
 The Birthday boy's sister, looking beachy in blue :) Over in the distance you can see that little jetty where there are tide pools; can't wait to go back and see them- maybe when the boys are older though.

 The girls :)

 Sunset was stunning, and Tim was able to come after work :)

The birthday boy and family :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Little Life Lately

 Been working on this little armoire display; a "things to take upstairs" basket I painted green, a globe with it's base I painted blue, (I lost the screw after disassembling it to paint and after searching every where for it found a replacement at Home Depot), and a grey planter with pretty Orchids from Trader Joe's. Still want to put something on the wall behind it, maybe a map or a mirror.

This little lad's hair is getting long and more blonde. Starting to have more communication; waving, saying Daddy and Mommy instead of everyone being "dada," asks for "baba" when he gets thirsty, goes to his highchair when he's hungry, points out trucks and buses. Getting closer to the one-nap stage. Still working on those canines. Love his personality;  snuggly, likes to dance, not interested in TV, loves to "cook", eat, and wrestle. Very physically affectionate (like it or NOT!).

This little blue-eyed young boy! Lego architect extraordinaire, wants to be "Dark Mater" (Darth Vader) for Halloween, Angry Bird champion, little fish in the water. His communication has been just astounding lately, he can talk in full paragraphs, outgoing, makes friends easily, loves playing tag and "fighting."  I also think he's pretty much dropped his nap!! Maybe every other day? If we've been very busy. I thought I would really not be able to cope if he didn't nap but it's not that different! I'll put on little movie, he watches it with his tow-tow, or plays with Legos, he's quiet and resting, and can go to bed early! 7:30pm. (normally 8:30) last night which means I get some time at night vs. afternoon.

Just making lots and lots of buttons for Lawn Fawn. It's really been such a blessing to be able to work from home! And just a few hours a day while the boys are asleep/resting. Kelly, the owner lives just up the road 5 minutes so I can get more supplies/drop off the finished ones easily. It's so exciting to be able to make some money before the boys wake up, when my alarm goes off  at 5, I get right up happily :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

How I Spent My Trader Joe's Gift Card

 Last Saturday I decided to use my $100 Trader Joe's gift card I won in the pie baking contest.  I've been working on decorating our apartment a little, so I got our regular groceries there, and then I'm putting the regular grocery money towards fun decorating. See how that all works out? I feel like it's two special prizes-- shopping at Trader Joe's for the week AND doing crafts.

After looking on Trader Joe's website for recipe's, I chose four meals; most of the recipes I felt were a little you say, strange? No I do not want Corned Beef and potatoes on a pizza. And I also do not consider a peanut butter banana sandwich to require a recipe. HA!

1.  Bacon, apple and Brie Panini

2. BBQ Chicken Nacho Salad

3. Burgers

4. Crock Pot Beef Stew

Pros: All of these meals were delicous, but what I've come to realize is WOW, does Trader Joe's make it easy to cook. The salad used frozen fire roasted corn---it's as good as grilled and way better than traditional frozen corn (that I would never put on a salad), pre-chopped lettuce, pre-baked and sliced chicken breast, great frozen veggies for the soup, etc. Maybe it's because it's organic...I feel better about using packaged/prepared vs. everything from scratch? I definitely didn't mind not having to do all the dishes. Also, it was really fun to get the more gourmet things you can't find at our normal grocer like Brie, cookie butter (yum), or dried figs. I spent $65 on food for these meals/snacks and then I alloted the rest for some fresh flowers in little pots.

Cons: the usual for me; can't buy everything there because it's just small so they don't have much selection. For instance, I needed tomato paste for pizza sauce and they only had a TINY can. Also no canned pineapple, no Italian sausage, no Sparklett's water, small selection of bread, etc. Also, I think that because they ONLY have their brand or small brand's things, they lose out on variety, or the specialties of other big-name brands. Like they have their knock-off Ruffles, but theirs taste like corrugated cardboard.

I was still under by $5 which they cashed out for me :) It was really fun to have a cart full of happy, and a car full of happy, then a fridge and home full of happy this week.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy in this Week

 Summer days at home; front door open, a breeze blowing bubbles on the patio. Bare feet on the cool slab, happy boys. Happy in this week at home to be full of fun and catching up on all the laundry  and grocery shopping since we were out everyday last week. I've also been working for Lawn Fawn when they sleep, making 700 buttons in three hours.

Being able to celebrate sweet friend's baby on the way; night time desserts, sweet fellowship, baby clothes, wishes for his new life. These adorable book mark favors:

Beach trip carpooling with friends, meeting new ones, sand castles, mud, happy babies fresh from a bath and long naps.

Snuggling in beach towels with this little blue-eyed lad. 

Super hero capes, no pants, coordinating shirts, little legs. 

Just a taste of all the moments that make up our lives, so many times it brings back memories of my own young childhood, little things that unexpectedly make it so special. Running in the park at night or laying down on the smooth blankets of a made bed for a nap, so thankful for this time in our lives :)