Friday, August 2, 2013

5 For Friday- Swim Lessons

Five for Friday is five random things from this week all smushed together!

 1.One afternoon I was feeling pretty industrious and gave Timmy a hair cut all by myself. He did so well, sat down quietly and stayed content for the duration of the home hair cut. I was really suprised! A year and a half ago, he was so scared, hated them, and would scream and cry  and need to be held and constrained by me or Tim. What a big boy! I used a Wahl hair clipper set, a number 4 length on the sides and a number 6 on the top.

2.I made's "Sloppy Joe's II" this week for dinner, but doubled the veggies. So yummy! A great week night meal because they are simple, and I have most of the ingredients in my fridge anyway.

3.This little dog got to wear a pink bow and go to the park with us one evening after dinner.

 4. Timmy finished his swim lessons this week! My friend Molly organized a bunch of mom's and the teacher Miss Jill to meet twice a week for July at a pool here in Ladera Ranch.  He's had eight lessons in one month, and has really  improved so much! He has learned some skills that keep him happy and entertained in the pool, and is very close to swimming all on his own.I snapped some pictures yesterday at his last lesson:

Practicing kicking on the stair.

Here he is learning to backfloat.

And doing very well holding his breath and going underwater:

Miss Jill, his teacher is a school teacher on summer break with her own little ones, that has been coming out to work so hard and was so gentle and kind and fun with all the kids.  Big smiles for her:

Me and Troy have been enjoying hanging out in the shade and getting to make some new friends :)

 5. I also made some All recipe's Crock pot Jambalaya this week, since shrimp was lowest price of the year, and it was yummy and healthy!

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