Thursday, August 22, 2013

Salt Creek Beach

 Yesterday we went to a beach here in South County called Salt Creek Beach, it was our friend's son's first birthday so a few friends got together for dinner. The picnic tables are up on the cliff, in a big grassy area. Timmy and Cole played, played, played and had so much fun!
 The view was just incredible, overlooking the dark blue ocean, and the Ritz Carlton is right beside it. We heard they have fun Christmas activities so we will be coming back soon.
It has a large beach down some stairs with lots of sand before you reach the water; perfect for rolling in and getting all over your tongue (Troy why??).
 The Birthday boy's sister, looking beachy in blue :) Over in the distance you can see that little jetty where there are tide pools; can't wait to go back and see them- maybe when the boys are older though.

 The girls :)

 Sunset was stunning, and Tim was able to come after work :)

The birthday boy and family :)

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