Friday, September 27, 2013

Tim's 44% Travel Rate, Tennis Injury and Nose Pickers

This week Tim has been out of town for training in Ohio, and the week before last he was also out of town for business, in fact; he's been out of town 12 days out of the last 27. That's 44% of this month so far. That's a lot of suitcases, lots of long days here at home.

The gym has been helping  a lot. I actually have something to look forward to during the days. I love having to get the chores done, get dressed, pack and get the boys ready and GO.  I love getting to actually exercise when he's gone and not be bummed  that he's not home so I can't go to our apartment gym.

There are some things I don't mind when he  travels; first of all, I feel like we get to bed/in bed earlier...pretty much because there is nothing else to do except watch TV all comfy and clean. Cooking is somewhat easier, I can eat a lot of leftovers, and don't have to worry about packing his lunch. I get to drive his work car...only when he flies though. It's a cute lil' SUV. Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Timmy is now 3 and 3/4! Troy is just about 18 months (on Monday). I'm thinking I want to do a joint Birthday party for them; in February since it's the month between both of theirs. I mean, how cute would a tennis birthday party be??

 One of my favorite things is to have Tim draw the boys...they are always so random, sometimes looking like them a lot (Troy on top) and sometimes...not so much (Timmy on the bottom). Troy thinks it's so funny to put his finger in his nose. And it's even funnier if you tell him "Ew!"

 I'm not even sure why God blessed me with these two handsome little guys to be MY sons, but I am SO GLAD he did!

 Oh, I might be getting a PSL 3x a week. McD's even has one I like, and has a drive through and after the gym I might stop by on my way home, and let's just say Tim is happy that it is only a seasonal drink.
 What diaper cream? This boy has no idea what to do with the hundreds of toys he has, nope, he much prefers getting into things that are NOT toys. Mommy's make-up, shampoo, pens, markers, paint, cans of unopened soda, my tennis racket, toilet paper...
 Hey, this couple with the bad picture but my hair looks cute, we went to a concert and it was VIP tickets and we were out until 11pm, and I had candy, oh man it was wild! Thank you to our friends the Ziebolds for the fun night, and the Spencer's for babysitting!!
 I got this candle at Bath and Body Works; it's called Autumn Gathering No.4, it smelled like pumpkin, cinnamon and apples, and I burned it all day for a few days and now it gone. It was short and sweet and now I'm left with these glass jars that I'm sure if I was crafty enough I would turn into something cool but just end up throwing away,
 Oh man, Monday night, I was playing tennis with my friend Julie and we were onto our second set after I won the first, when she was up 4 games to my 0, and she kept killing it, and I went for this ball  because I had to, people. I couldn't have it be 5  to 0. And yeah, totally fell and slid across the concrete, racket in hand. My left elbow took the brunt of the fall (see picture above) but both my knees and other wrist are also scratched or bruised. Julie said she just doesn't go for balls because she doesn't want to fall; and she still beats me. That means, I need to do that to...getting too old to chase down every ball. Now don't mind me, I'll just be wrapped in gauze and sometimes it starts come unraveled and I'm chasing my kids on the play ground and I see my shadow with a long string of gauze hanging down and I realize, maybe it's because the upcoming Halloween holiday brings this to mine, I look like a mummy.
 Troy is FINALLY sitting down and watching  a movie for 15/20 mins! He's never sat down before, so this is a VERY welcome break for me.
 This is what I see when I pick up Tim and Troy at the gym; isn't the Kid's Klub so cute!! They have a little table in the back there for them to eat their snacks at when I first drop them off, Troy loves the cars, and see that bear lifting weights? Timmy was riding/sitting on that thing watching TV one time. SO CUTE.

Again, they just think it's so funny to pick their nose. I don't. Think it's funny. Now go wash your hands!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Love My Pretty New Hoop

A few weeks ago I signed up for a hoop exchange. A friend is raising money for her adoption fees and coordinated this fun craft swap. All I had to do was donate $5 on paypal, and give a little information about myself (and what I would want in a hoop). Then a week or so later, I was forwarded the information about my partner! The person I was matched with is different from the person who has me. Overall, the friend raised $1500 and we all had a fun project!

The person I was assigned liked Hawaii, because she was married there and California because she grew  up there. She has five children; four girls and one boy, and said she likes all things glitter and sparkly. So I went with that, sketched an idea, and started collecting my materials (I just used what materials I had on hand), and came up with this.

Saturday afternoon I went to the post office and mailed it along with a little card. I was just really hoping she liked it. On Monday I saw these posts that not only did she get it, she liked it and hung it up in her adorable home!

 I mean, she's so sweet right? And now I know a gal far away! My hoop pal :)

Monday through Friday I eagerly checked the mail, anticipating the hoop someone made for me! It's so funny too,  because a lot of people post the progress of the hoop their making or a picture of the completed hoop all with the same hashtag, so I was able to see some that I thought could be mine, and kept wondering if I would get them! Yesterday, after the gym, I got my special package:

 With a note saying she included a few extras.

 My hoop, and darling earrings, bookmark, and wristlet.
My beautiful hoop! I'm pretty sure it's vintage fabric,those darling lil' lemons!! And she embroidered one of my favorite verses "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,  knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience." James 1:2

She's very talented and it just turned out so great! How fun this whole thing was! The gal who put this together is the sister of a friend at my church, and she has done another swap and hopefully will do many more, so if your interested, check out her blog!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lots of Fun Exercise!

 The leaves have started to fall, these trees are becoming bare. Costumes in planning, decorations pulled out of the garage. Nights are becoming notably cooler, the sun is setting earlier and street lights turn on accordingly. I love our  after dinner walks, some time for Sarah to stretch her legs, chase a ball, for us all to get outside.

Monday we ended up walking two hours; first to downtown for a little candy, then to a gas station to fill up the stroller tires, then through a dark shopping center, past a dark industrial complex, through the dark streets of the neighborhood. 
My little Nadal, eye on the ball, getting that forehand swing wound back. Late last night, I played tennis with my  friend Julie and she beat me! Again. It's so fun to have such a formidable opponent! :)

I can't wait to put Timmy in lessons starting January, when he turns four. He got his new tennis shoes, tiny Nike's. I mean, little guy after my own heart. He loves tennis already and actually ASKS to play.

I joined a gym! Now that Troy can drop his morning nap, we can go out and exercise in the morning! I like to wake up early, eat breakfast with the boys, knock out my main three chores- unload the dishwasher, load the (clothes) washer, and make the bed. Then we get dressed and make it to the gym for a 9:30 class or workout. We're normally home by 11:30 just in time for lunch, and then Troy takes his big nap! Fun, fun, fun. The boys like the playground there; it's huge and the gym is new, clean and not crowded at all.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Timmy's 2nd pH Test

Yesterday was a big day, a day I had really been looking forward to for many months. It would be the pH test to end all pH tests for little Timmy. The one in January was only 24 hours and though his levels were very high, not high enough to require more than medicine.  After that medicine stopped working three months into treatment, we were hoping this pH test would give a better, more accurate diagnosis since it is 48 hours of recording the acid levels.

We took him off his medicine Saturday, and were kind of hoping he would have one of his flare-ups, that way, we would know exactly what it looked like (on the inside) when he's having symptoms of so much pain. But, alas the one day we want him to have an episode, he's "better" (according to his words). Pretty dissapointing; it feels hopeless to get a true idea of what he's going through during these episodes because they are sporadic.

Yesterday, we had to wake him up early, he had to fast, get dressed and head on out to the hospital in Long Beach. After checking in and waiting an hour in the lobby, he was given an IV, and entertained with water guns and an iPad full of new games. Then, we headed to the operative room, a large, bright white room filled with beige equipment, gray cords, and many doctors and nurses donning muted blue scrubs. We took a seat on the bed, while they sedated him through the IV, he fell asleep within 5 seconds of the creamy white anesthesia being pushed through the skinny tube. Then it was time for me to wait in the lobby for 15 minutes.

I went and called Tim, posted a little picture getting reception only on the large concrete flight of stairs out  of the underground floor. Huge glass walls revealing construction workers rolling pallets across the sidewalk at eye level. The sky was gray, an unusually cool and misty morning. I just prayed and got a little teary eyed thinking how much is resting on this test. The results can mean a long, long time continuing his current medication, never trusting in it's ability to help him, always stressing about car rides, ensuring he eats at 2 hour intervals, trying to avoid the all-too common bouts of unbearable wretching pain for him.

Or it can be a picture into very high acid levels, revealing that surgery would be an appropriate measure. So much potential in this test, and so very little hope in it's accuracy.

15 minutes later, my number was called and I was directed to the postoperative room, to find his bed; number 17. The little guy was still asleep, monitored by machines and sweet nurses. The doctor came in, said his esophagus looked good, still a hernia but it seems to not be any larger than before. Gave me some pictures of the little metal piece of equipment clipped in to the lining, a black pager in a little fanny pack, and directions. For these 48 hours, I'm just recording when he eats/sleeps and ensuring he has 4 oz. of apple juice before meals.

He woke up slowly, and happily broke his fast with apple juice and an orange popsicle. Once he finished it, and was all unhooked I carried him out to the car.

 Little guy at post-procedure lunch and his mini fanny pack with wireless pager.

Tomorrow morning we will drop the pager off with all the records, and just be praying for the best.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ice-Custard Happiness

Yesterday morning I got a phone call from Deb saying that if I came now, I could make it to the grand opening event at the new Rita's down the road. They were giving away Italian Ice for a year to the first 50 people! Well, you didn't have to tell me twice, I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off getting dressed and brought the kids to the mall to get my number...not too bad!
The  boys were still wearing their pajamas (I brought their clothes in my bag so that counts for something?). One guy said about them "Kids, get out of bed, put on your crocs, we're going to Rita's." Ha!! Pretty much.
 While waiting for them to open, we got samples and little prizes for answering question right. Did you know, only 20 states have a Rita's??
 Once they opened we were able to get our 52 coupons and a free Italian Ice. That's right, I now hold in my posession coupons for 54 (including the prize ones) free regular size Italian Ice at the Rita's in Mission Viejo. Super cool! Thanks Deb for giving me the info, when I had originally heard  about the event at a concert in the park, I thought there would be NO WAY I could be one of the first fifty.

Tim was very happy I was happy :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How I Do Devotions

Today I thought I would share a little about my quiet times reading the Bible and praying. It's something that I do everyday, so if I am sharing more about me, I'd figured this was a big part of my day.

 Back in 2007, a sweet gal named Izumi bought me this daily Bible by John MacArthur (our then-pastor) and said we should go through it together. We were already meeting Wednesday nights for college Bible study, so we started meeting Monday nights at 7 with one other gal, Emily. We would bring our Bibles all marked up from the readings that week, and share the verses/notes that stuck out to us and why. After that year was done, well, I just kept going.

I like that it breaks up the reading by about two chapters Old Testament a verse or two from Psalms and Proverbs and like a chapter from the New Testament. That way I can read the whole book from cover to cover spacing out the beauty of Psalms and deep thoughts in Proverbs and savor those every day.

I used to read the soft-cover and it got ratty, then my second one also got very ratty and now I use the GTY app on my phone/ipad to read! I like that I don't have to carry my Bible everywhere, because it's already on my phone so I can read it where ever I am.This is now my seventh time going through the Bible, and I'm 3/4 of the way done this year.

My little notebook, I go through one every 3 months.

As I read, I've been writing down the verses that stick out to me, that I want to remember and that's kind of how I start praying. I write out my prayers following, in general the A.C.T.S. thing, starting with adoration, then confession then thanksgiving and finally supplication, but sometimes I just need God's help right then and that's what I pray for. I've tried saying my prayers aloud  but found that writing them is the best way for me to be consistent. It's also so neat to go back through my old notebooks and see the sentence I prayed for something and seeing that God answered that request. It's really amazing that He listens and cares for me!