Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cooking with Shay

Lately, I'd say starting a few months back I've been cooking dinners with Mix and Match Mama's meal plans. Every Monday there is a new meal plan, with 5 or 6 dinners, two dessert recipes and one bonus recipe. The dinners are made by the blogger, photographed and the recipes are all delicious, tried and true and perfect for a weeknight, being a busy mom with little ones to look after while cooking!
Shay is the blogger over at Mix and Match Mama, who gathers all the recipes from her upbringing, various food magazines, friends and cookbooks. She is also a busy mom with two young children (soon to be three by adoption!) and a husband with a big appetite (sound familiar?). She really does a great job of making meals plans that have a lot of return on the investment. Do you know what I mean?
 I did a meal planning service called e-meals for many years but felt they would get so overwhelming in time/ingredients and underwhelming many times in taste! They never repeated a meal so it began to get outlandish! I like that she keeps it simple and repeats crowd pleasers, I like that many meals use one pound of meat, enough for left overs for lunch the next day! I also like, out of many things,
that they are very seasonal and festive! And lastly, I like that she really is a great cook with a lot of knowledge of the craft! :)
Here are some examples of the yummy things I've been cooking with Shay!
This was the Bisquick Chicken Parmesan; it was delicious, simple and filling!
This Roasted Tomato and Sausage Pasta is just sweet, a lil' spicy and healthy!
Slow Cooker Enchilada Soup; an example of a seasonal, warm-in-the-winter, makes you feel all cozy...cuz' baby it's cold outside dinner!
For my Bible Study on Wednesday nights I get to try some of her dessert recipes and they are so fun! These are clearedfrom the tray in no time Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake Cookies.
I'm planning on making this Pumpkin and Sausage Pasta tonight it's so yummy!

I have always been intimidated by cooking Risotto but she described it so well, making me realize anybody can do it--even on a weeknight!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Timmy knew he wanted to be "Dark Mater" since June, so when I found the costume, it was non-negotiable. Even thought it was 5T and Timmy is a skinny 3T. After chopping off a few inches in the legs, sewing it back together, and making a cape (my 3rd one this year; I guess you could say I'm a crusader caper), his costume was ready to go! He even mastered using the force, got a red light saber and could do a great breathing sound, "hooo-perrr" like the bad guy too!
 Halloween day we carved (I pretty much carved) their tiny pumpkins. Timmy drew the face on his (on right) and I cut it out. Troy mostly played with the goopy guts and trailed some in the house! I think they turned out pretty cute :)
 Halloween night we dressed the boys up and snapped a few pictures. Then it was time to head over to our friends the Townsend's house to go trick or treating in their adorable neighborhood!

 Little baby Yoda covered in candy. This kid will seriously walk anywhere, traverse any terrain, climb any steps, for candy. He was such a pro, waddling up to every door with his hand out, grab the candy and turn around. Leaving me with the niceties; "trick or treat", "thank-you!!" yelled from down their front yard.

 Tim and Ray passed out candy while the moms and sons went trick or treating.
 Deb and I; candid friends!!
After trick or treating we were all hungry since I didn't make dinner and headed to Mcd's to grab a burger. They played on the playground as arch-enemies/best friends. :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thinking About Moving to South Pasadena

Let me first just start out this post with the fact that I am indeed very thankful for my husband's job, so so thankful, beyond words, but it is different than what I had originally thought. I mean, what could I have known, I knew nothing. Anyway, with his job that he's been at for a year now (praise the Lord!) he needs to be up in Los Angeles everyday he is not out of the state. His territory is LA county, up to Ventura county. We moved to South Orange county in March (only eight months ago). The two are 1.5-2 hours apart in normal traffic.

Many days, tonight included I consider; what if we moved up to Pasadena (50 miles north)? It is from what I've seen and heard older, beautiful with mature trees, and close to lots of fun shopping and restaurants. We could be in the same city as many of his clients and he would be able to be home earlier/leave later. We could spend more time with him. We could go to my old church only 30 miles from there and find an even closer weekly Bible Study during the week to attend. Many of my old friends still go to that church, and I know many have even moved closer to Pasadena than from my hometown in the Santa Clarita Valley.

There are a lot of positives! The downside would be moving away from our friends here; our church is so wonderful, and I would miss it so much! We also have friends from Tim's childhood. Uncle Dan since pre-school, the Spencer's since middle school? Also, I think I have the coolest independent contractor position working for Lawn Fawn. Ugh, I mean I could just die out of the perfection of it.

Well, Troy is starting to wake up from his abnormally late nap (Timmy is still sleeping). We went out to the park for lunch with the very friends mentioned above, so we go home later than they normally nap. Must go! Share your thoughts!