Monday, December 30, 2013

Girly Skirts

1, 2, 3...


Five girly skirts in sizes 3T... 3-4T

Two 4Ts..

 ...and a 7!

That's a lot of stitching. Lots of Hobby Lobby fabric and thread :) I used my craft day at a Scrapbook shop to do all the cutting, and some of the sewing, then I worked on them between Dec.8 and Christmas Eve Eve. So, in total two and a half weeks! I hand-sewed all the basting stitches for the ruffles because my machine's basting stitch doesn't work, and then all the finishing was done by zig-zag stitching vs. serger. You could've even seen me hand sewing this psychedelic fabric on the 15 driving through the dessert to Las Vegas.

This was the second year of making girly skirts for some of the special girlies in my life; my four nieces and a special gal we babysit all the time :) This annual tradition made me think of Hannah from the Bible who visited her young son Samuel during his priesthood training:
18" The boy Samuel served the Lord and wore a special linen garment[d] 19 and the clothes[e] his mother made for him. She would bring new clothes every year, when she and her husband came to offer sacrifices at Shiloh."
 1 Samuel 2:18

I just always thought it was sweet that even though she couldn't be with her son all the time, she was thinking about him and making special clothes for him!

 And, when you spend lots of time on a special gift, chances are you'll spend some extra time on the wrapping :)

The pattern can be found here on Pink Fig Design's blog website.

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