Friday, January 31, 2014

February Pinspired: Puffer Vest

Linking up today with some of my favorite blogs for a Pinspired post!

I've been seeing puffer vests EVERYWHERE and I love that they add a cute layer to basic shirts, and keep you warm without being too stiff and hard to wear! Look how cute and versatile they are via Pinterest :
Check out this post for some serious puffer vest inspiration!

 Well, I had to wait all winter for Old Navy to re-stock the tall sizes but they finally did so I pulled the trigger. Yesterday was actually my first day wearing it because it was the first day of somewhat winter weather; 60 and drizzling!
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Yay! I like getting Pinspired for fun outfit choices :) I went with the quilted one vs. the puffer because it's hardly ever below 50 during the day.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What I Love Most About My Home... the people I share it with!
 We had unseasonably warm weather last week, but I have major disparagements about running my AC in the middle of January, so we kept the door open and played with ice cubes (Timmy hung out in his undies --of course!)
 I love how they play together, and Troy is getting more independent! I've especially noticed it in this past month. He isn't constantly doing kamikaze-trouble-making things, so I can relax a little more.
 Love their little Mommy-attention-loving hearts!
 Gardening/dumping out all the dirt (still a little trouble maker-ish!)
 This little guy does THE CUTEST airplane impression! I just want to gobble him up!
 And, after the work-day spent with my little guys, I'm so happy my big guy comes home! He is so hands-on and sweet, and they get sooo excited when he walks in the door! "Daddy!!!!!!" they scream.
I love my home and the people that fill it...
and a good cup of coffee :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Timmy Turned Four!!

 Thursday was Timmy's fourth birthday!! He is majorly into Star Wars (if you couldn't tell from our Halloween) and requested a Star Wars themed party. He REALLy wanted his friends to come over for a party, which I thought was so cute!
I made a little invite on Photoshop and sent it out to our two best family friends (we have a tiny apartment so I limited it to four friends!)

We made his birthday cake together--he is so into helping me bake!
And we had his friends over! Poor little Corbin and Claire were sick but we're thankful for Jade and Steven being able to celebrate with us :)
I made that birthday banner, hung up some of his star wars coloring pages, and some of his baby pictures for decoration.

 We grilled Han-Burgers---get it?! Like Han-Solo.
 And had Yoda Soda (lime sherbet and Sierra Mist)
 Then I frosted his cake and put the figurines from his new Star Wars Legos set on his cake. I totally botched the writing...but hey! I am not a professional, people!
 After singing Happy Birthday to Timmy, we opened up the party favors---Light Sabers!
 (My desk is so messy because we had a plumbing flood and we had to move everything out of the way! And I totally have blue lips from the frosting. Oh heavens. I'm not even sure if that was frosting!? Was that just gel food dye?!

 Tim wore a Darth Vader mask and fought with the kids...also, Troy's taking off his shorts.
 Later that night, Tim's family came over. His twin sister Tina's daughter has the SAME birthday as Timmy! Isn't that so funny?!

 Birthday cousins!

 I just his little hand on her hip. So cute! :) I got this shirt at Old Navy around Christmas time and I'm so happy he fits it perfectly.

Timmy opened up presents from his aunts, uncles and grandma! Perfect little birthday dinner for my sweet heart boy!

He is such a blessing to our family, so tender-hearted, smart, independent, and friendly! Through health-issues, and learning to share EVERYTHING with his little brother, we see him growing up into a compassionate little guy, and pray that he would continue to be soft hearted to the Lord, and be saved through God's grace. We love our little boy, Timmy Samuel Rimke! :)
Now, we have so much to do as we enter this year! School decisions, getting him into sports, preparing him for kindergarten, etc.!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Favorite Thing; Wet Brush, Lavender Serenity, and Sparklett's Flouridated

Linking up with some of my favorite blogs today! Three favorite things under $10:

The wet brush!! While on their website it's 15, on Amazon they are $9, so they fit! If you've never tried a wet brush, like I hadn't  a few months ago, you must! They have softer bristles, so instead just breaking hair if they get snagged on something, they will pass over it but still detangle. They work so well! When I get my hair done now, I ask them to use one, because it's the only way to brush my hair wet. With my other hair brush, I can hear all the hair breaking if it gets caught in a tangle, and the wet brush is so much gentler, no breaking. Also, if it works on my hair which is honestly insanely knotty, then it will work on yours! Paul Mitchell also has a great wet brush, if that one's easier to get!

 Downy Lavender Serenity dryer sheets fabric softener: I bought this at the grocery store because it was on a good sale, and I didn't have time to make it to Costco for the big packs, and I am so glad I did! Our laundry has been smelling so fabulous, I will be sad to see it be gone! I especially love it for my son's blankie, because he always has that up to his little nose :)
Sparklett's Flouridated  water. I put this on Instagram for my photo a day January challenge for day  "10: favorite"  I've only drank Sparkletts since I was a girl. Now I get fluoridated so we don't get cavities. And I clear the shelf when I buy the gallons. And I keep mine room temperature because I have sensitive teeth. It's the best tasting water!! If your like me and don't drink tap water, make sure to get the fluoridated bottled :) My husband always makes fun of me, when I run out of my water he's like we have a faucet...he doesn't understand!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Diningroom Chairs Rehupolstery

 All of a sudden our dining room chairs started peeling! The pleather was getting worse and worse until I decided that I had to reupholster them or perish.
 On top of looking terrible, all the little black pieces would fall on the ground in a mess that needed vaccumed everyday.

I decided on gray and white chevron, because it's pretty neutral but still fun. I bought about 5 yards (a yard or so for each chair) and was on my way. The seats were unscrewed, and the fabric ripped up and any staples that couldn't be ripped, were pulled out. Then, I stapled the new fabric on...
You can see in the background the old seat cover...ew to the max. So glad it's gone! Overall it took me about 1.5/per chair so 6 hours.
I took this picture this morning, so it's  a little dim but what a difference! :) I love that it is wipeable and soft!

Glad to have my big project done! :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Helpful Sweet Hearts!

 Earlier this week, I'd noticed how Timmy was doing a great job of helping me in the morning, without complaint! His first little chore of the day is helping me unload the silverware. I pull out the organizer, and put the knives away myself, then he helps with the rest. He even makes sure they are right side up.
 His second chore of the day is helping me with laundry! Sometimes he helps sort colors, throw them in the washer, but most days, I just hand him the wet clothes from the washing machine in little handful (armfuls for him) and he throws them in the dryer. This is so nice because it's easy on my back without having to hunch over to get the clothes in there. He also waits for "one more thing" which is the dryer sheet and throws that in there, too!

Once a week or so, he takes his clean clothes upstairs! I love that he's learning to be a hard worker and does it with a happy heart!
Troy is working on putting the shoes away, and throwing things away in the trash can, but he can't quite reach the cupboard knob yet. He already does a great job of chucking his sippy cups into the sink.
I'm thankful for my little helpers! :)

CHA Show

This weekend was the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show. It was located at the stunning Anaheim Conference Center, the largest conference center on the West coast, and just across the street from Disneyland!
 This view, with the massive Palm trees made me so happy!
 Some of the biggest names in crafting had booths, and were presenting their new products. This Mod Podge booth was so neat! I see a craft day in the very near future to make these cases.
 As a mod-podger personally I loved their little mascot! :)
 How fun is this giant scarf and yarn balls! The displays were amazing.
 So many big name brands of yarn were there!

 And then there was our booth! The lovely Lawn Fawn that I feel lucky to represent! I made a little make and take card before we opened up for the day...

 I loved getting to see the sample cards up close and in person--mini masterpieces!
 Remember all the mornings and afternoon nap times I worked through, here they are in lights! Our dies are made in the USA, specifically packaged in my living room :) I mean, so cool!!
Loved all the bright colors.
 I was so excited to show everyone our "Lawn Ornaments" flair buttons...I say my kids sleep to the sound of the button machine :)
 This was one of the first Lawn Fawn sets I ever loved, you know I love a good breakfast and a hot cup of coffee! :)

These are some of the other "fawnies" working this weekend; they were all so wonderful and I loved getting to know them!

There was so much more to share; from the wonderful Saturday night dinner at a delicious Mexican food restaurant, laughing over tandem-bike-speeding-tickets-on-Catalina-island stories, to getting my favorite ice cream for an afternoon snack, the free Starbucks coffee and tea bar, Duck tape bracelets, new stamp ideas, and learning, learning, learning about this whole huge industry.

Just have to say a special thank-you to my people who have helped make this special weekend possible---

Jessica S.- Thank you sweet friend, for so enthusiastically watching our kids for us since Tim was out of town the last day, and the superb care you gave my kids. What an excellent mommy and loving babysitter. I mean homemade bread and chicken salad sandwiches?? Thank you thank you thank you!!! They had so much fun!

My husband, Tim- For taking care of the boys ALL. DAY. and well into the night Saturday, and cleaning the entire apartment from top to bottom while you were at it?! Also, for just always being there to support me happily! :)

Mike and Kelly! Thank you for inviting me to work with you and getting me in this experience of a trade show, and for all the encouragement! I hope to do many more with you guys!