Thursday, January 16, 2014

Favorite Thing; Wet Brush, Lavender Serenity, and Sparklett's Flouridated

Linking up with some of my favorite blogs today! Three favorite things under $10:

The wet brush!! While on their website it's 15, on Amazon they are $9, so they fit! If you've never tried a wet brush, like I hadn't  a few months ago, you must! They have softer bristles, so instead just breaking hair if they get snagged on something, they will pass over it but still detangle. They work so well! When I get my hair done now, I ask them to use one, because it's the only way to brush my hair wet. With my other hair brush, I can hear all the hair breaking if it gets caught in a tangle, and the wet brush is so much gentler, no breaking. Also, if it works on my hair which is honestly insanely knotty, then it will work on yours! Paul Mitchell also has a great wet brush, if that one's easier to get!

 Downy Lavender Serenity dryer sheets fabric softener: I bought this at the grocery store because it was on a good sale, and I didn't have time to make it to Costco for the big packs, and I am so glad I did! Our laundry has been smelling so fabulous, I will be sad to see it be gone! I especially love it for my son's blankie, because he always has that up to his little nose :)
Sparklett's Flouridated  water. I put this on Instagram for my photo a day January challenge for day  "10: favorite"  I've only drank Sparkletts since I was a girl. Now I get fluoridated so we don't get cavities. And I clear the shelf when I buy the gallons. And I keep mine room temperature because I have sensitive teeth. It's the best tasting water!! If your like me and don't drink tap water, make sure to get the fluoridated bottled :) My husband always makes fun of me, when I run out of my water he's like we have a faucet...he doesn't understand!!


  1. I've never heard of a wet brush, but can't wait to order and try soon! Thanks for linking up, girly! :)

  2. Oh my goodness I had no idea about a wet brush!! I am going to check that out ASAP! :) Found ya through the link up!

  3. Really intrigued by the wet brush--sometimes it takes me way too long (and it's painful) to brush my long hair!
    I like room temperature water too--so much easier on sensitive teeth.

  4. Are we sisters?? I'm right there with you on the water!!! My husband thinks I'm a "water snob", but after having it taste SO delicious...I can't drink from the tap!!! haha!! Gonna have to try out that brush!! Thanks for linking up!!

  5. Great tip on the wet brush and making sure they use that at the salon as well. I will be picking one up (love that they come in fun colors as well).