Monday, February 3, 2014

Embroidered Monogram Onesie

I love a simple, easy craft that makes my budget go further. I had been seeing the CUTEST embroidered onesies on one of my favorite bloggers, Andrea of Slightly Askewed, daughter.
 And felt majorly inspired to try and make one myself!

9 month onesie
Measuring tape
Embroidery Floss

I went online to mark and graham's monogram maker, typed in my letters and chose the big script "B".  

Displaying photo.PNG

Then, I measured across chest of the onesie, at the bottom of the arm hole, and marked the center. I zoomed in on that "B" until it only about 4 inches across, only leaving an inch on either side of the onesie.

This is the big "B" on my ipad screen shot:
Displaying photo.PNG

Then I unbuttoned the onesie and slid it over the iPad and traced the "B" in pencil. Once I had my stencil drawn, I stretched the fabric and stabilizer on the hoop, and following Martha Stewarts directions for back stitch and satin stitch, and some help from one of my sweet friend's like 9 year old daughter (ha!) I stitched the shape! :)

I really liked the cute wrapping paper Michael's had in their dollar bins:

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