Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Year Wedding Anniversary


Happy to report that Tim and I have now officially been married for 5 whole years! It's almost funny to call it a wedding anniversary, since we eloped and did not have a traditional wedding! But, I am so thankful that we did, and these five years have gone by in a blink of an eye. Our friends the Spencer's baby sat for us so we could go out to dinner.
 That little doll had an Anthro bag waiting for me in the car. We decided to head to Laguna Beach, but got sidetracked by this beauty---
After the complimentary valet, and ordering some sparkling water, we shared a little bit of what our top three favorite memories from the past 5 years have included;

1. The birth of two babies!
2. Moving three times, each place has been better for us than the last.
3. So many Disneyland trips--we had passes for half our marriage

We had a great dinner there followed by my favorite course--- dessert. I was tired enough by 8pm to head home- I woke up at 4:30! And, Tim had to leave for Vegas at 3 the next morning, so we called it a night.

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  1. I liked your sharing your favorite memories. With our 50th.... gosh, our memories (what we still have - haha), would have gone WAY back. Still, it would have been nice to do together.