Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mission Hills Park, Ladera Ranch

 Inside the gated community up the street is a toddler park called Mission Hills Park here in Ladera Ranch. When my friends told me about, I knew I had to go! I started going there this week and it is now my favorite park to take my kids! There are so many unique things about it and we have plans to enjoy it with Tim this weekend.
 It is fenced except for the gate you walk in, which is so nice because with most parks you have to be extra diligent in not letting your eyes off them because they could easily wander past the play area and into the street! I wish all parks were fenced in!
 The playground is all recycled rubber ground, so NO SAND. Depending on how you look at it, sand is fun, but it gets in your kids eyes, or they eat a big mouthful of it after pretending they made a cake. Also, it gets in their clothes, and sometimes it's just nice to keep clean and not have shoe or pocketful's of sand spilling on your carpet.
 The views are amazing as it sits way up high on the hills of South Orange County.
The big grass half of the park is actually astro-turf, which I found out my little dog Sarah loves. She is apparently very spoiled because she would not play fetch on the slightly wet real grass of the park closest to us. I threw her ball with the ball-launcher for half an hour before she seemed too tired . Great exercise for her!
 Pretty trumpet vines with their bright orange blossoms enveloped the trellis' over head, providing shade above the benches where we rested after racing.
 Nice little place to sit and chat :)
The grass area is surrounded by sidewalk, great for riding trikes and bikes around and around. There is also a putting green!

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