Monday, March 17, 2014

March- Favorite Things

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I'm planning on having a family dinner tonight themed St. Patrick's Day and I can't wait to pinch everybody! ;)

I am linking up with some of my favorite McKinny, TX bloggers for a fun post all about my favorite things. The only rule is they have to be under $10! I always check out my Amazon cart or Target list because that's where I normally have my goodies waiting for me, and where I am excited and held in anticipation.
 1. Every Sunday Tim and I teach the first-hour Sunday school for toddlers. As a church we are going through The Gospel Story Bible reading and accompanying curriculum, which for our age class is just a coloring page for the little cuties to scribble on! Timmy and Troy are both in our class because they want to be with us, so Timmy is going through this, listening to the stories we read, while sitting on a little colored circle placemat; hands folded, legs crossed. Even though we try to give summaries of the hard to understand parts, and do fun ways to illustrate the point, it's kind of difficult to listen and remember but I know that learning anything, no matter how small, is a great start for him! The author also wrote this accompanying devotional:
Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God by Marty Machowski

A friend at church is going through this with her son every day and encouraged me to pick it up for my pre-preschool time with Timmy. I think a book like this will be a great tool to tell my kids about God and to encourage a habit of being in the word every day! The Kindle edition is only $9.99 so it's a great deal!

World Market Floral Measuring Spoons - $3.99
It seems I go through a set of measuring spoons a year, and after my ceramic Anthro set had an unfortunate run-in with the garbage disposal, I had to get a cheapie set, that ended up melted in the dishwasher! I also recently started putting the tablespoon in my coffee canister for measuring, so I need a new set. I saw these there a few weeks ago, and now I might have to make a whole trip just for these cuties! Speaking of measuring spoon sets Ree Drumond of Pioneer Woman posted a picture recently of her measuring drawer and it was crazy/amazing:

#3. McDonald's Sweet Tea
I love it. I do. There is something about the giant styrofoam cup and the sound of the tea and ice swishing inside. How can something non-carbonated be so exciting. It's the intense flavor of the tea, enveloped in the sugary goodness. Here in Ladera Ranch the only drive-though is a McDonald's and it's super nice, and two of my friends work there and it's a perfect little treat to enjoy in the warm weather! And don't even think about the calorie count or how many grams of sugar, because it's too much, so just ignore it and enjoy it every once in a while. 

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  1. I love those floral measuring spoons!!
    Ree's drawer looks amazing--I would love to have that collection.
    I too have been storing my tablespoon inside the coffee--makes it easier ;)