Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Little Catchin Up to do About a Whole Lot of Nothin

Recently, about two weeks ago, Timmy went on "Spring Break" I say that loosely because he's not actually in school yet but we do go to a pre-school two days a week together with Troy and we try and do an hour or two of educational activities. But those class rooms were closed for the week and I decided to let my hair down. We slept in, we took naps, we watched too much TV, we ate too much junk, I didn't have work to do, and we just relaxed. Now that it's over though, it's hard to put the ol' cat back in to the bag, the cork back in the bottle, the alarm back to 5, to work early in the mornings, etc.

But, I have been working well into the night, if that makes any difference, which it does help apease my conscience in the "like a door on it's hinges" proverb kind of way. Honestly I kind of like it, I feel like a middle schooler on my month long breaks (we had two months on, one month off) in which I would sleep in so late, and stay up so late, we were practically nocturnal. We were up until one or two every night, waking up at ten, and all we needed to get done that day was walk to the store to get hot cheetos and cream soda. One month we helped raise my rabbit's litter of six baby bunnies, one month we had to walk the mile or so to cheer practice, or walked to the store to work on my American Girl Tiny Treasures craft. I mean what is better than using a bottle cap as a pie tin? Not much in life.

But, I have been making sure to get to the gym (mostly for the childcare so I can take a shower/get dressed) to offset the cakes, candies, cookies, ice cream, etc. etc. ETC. we've been indulging in a little more over the break, I even ran to the store one night to GET the ice cream.
 Now don't mind me, I'll be off brushing my teeth.

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