Monday, April 14, 2014

Casper's Adventure Day

Last weekend, we headed down the Ortega Highway, a windy mountain road for a few miles to Casper's Wildnerness Park's Adventure Day. Thanks Anne for the heads-up! We were looking forward to a day spent in the great outdoors and getting a nature walk done for my Spring Bucket List.

Only when we got there, it was way better than we even thought! They had a ton of volunteers and employees, free tractor rides to help with parking, Search and Rescue trucks, a sheriff and his canine, fire trucks carrying thousands of gallons of water...Troy was in HEAVEN; trucks and dogs are his favorite!
 The cub scouts set up a bunch of fun games and lots of fun prizes like these binoculars.
 At the booths were local nature preservationists and activists, and some beautiful birds of prey!

After checking out the main activities we went on a nature walk and caught up with the guided tour. It was over two hours of nature-y, outdoorsy splendor and it totally makes me want to get out to enjoy our local parks more often! So fun.

So put it in your calendars, or pin a pic here to remind yourself of next April's Casper's Adventure Day!

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