Saturday, April 26, 2014


Easter was full of fun, food, family and friends, as it should be! I made my Easter table decor a few weeks ago see my blog on Tiny Oranges all about that here. Then I happened to be in Carlsbad, San Diego checking out the flower fields and stopped by the outlets to get some polo's for my guys.

Saturday before Easter Tim's family invited us over for egg hunts, dinner, and they did enough Easter-ing that I was pretty much off the hook as far as all that stuff went. I even stayed back and got a bunch of stuff done, that I'm not really able to do since Tim had been traveling half the time. Like getting my hair done, grocery shopping, baking and sewing.

Easter Sunday we got to share in a great service with our church and Tim's friend since high school, Ian and his fiancee, Natalie. They came over for lunch after church and brought toys for the kids, delicious desserts (see pics above). I just barbecued some ham I had the butcher cut into 3/4" steaks, heated up my scalloped potatoes, and they helped saute the green beans. It was a simple meal, but still felt festive and fulfilled my cravings. 

After naps, we took our first trek out to Holy Jim trail, saw the Spencer's and played at the lake ampitheater for a while before getting Thrifty's ice cream.

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  1. I saw your post about the Easter table runner on Tiny Oranges when it first came out. I thought I lost the link, but just recently found it preparing for Easter. :) That's when I saw your blog. Thank you for taking the time to post these beautiful designs. You are certainly blessed by such an amazing talent (and from your posts, such an awesome little family). Thank you again!