Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ladera Ranch Spring Celebration

Over the weekend was Ladera Ranch's Spring Celebration, or as we told Timmy an "Easter party." This is the same park that they hold the fourth of July celebration and Summer concerts and it's like five minutes away from our home, so it was a super short walk for us which is nice!
 Loved this little photo prop set. And yes, Sarah Dog is dyed. It's a permanent dye from the groomer, and it will grow out. She got lots of attention, and many people asked to take her picture! Any white dog can be dyed any color.
 W.M. was there with a booth and a mini trash truck! A mini one!! I couldn't handle the cuteness, and Troy who is OBSESSED with trash trucks, waited in long-ish lines THREE times to sit in it. They said it is essentially a golf cart that they made in-house, and it does run. They keep it at their facilities and bring it out to events like these. Also, they said that they do birthday parties with the full-size truck for 30 minutes for free! Tim and I want to have a little trash truck party just for the boys to get a chance to check out the real thing. Since they drag me out many times bare-foot traipsing around the four dumpsters in our complex to see
There were also fun activities like egg hunts, face painting, crafts, inflatables, and some yummy food vendors.

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