Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Troy's 2nd Birthday!

Two years ago, this 9 lb. 3 oz. baby came out of my belly and into our lives. He's been a healthy, hearty, carb-loving, milk guzzling ball of energy.
One year ago, he took a picture with a balloon outside by the fountain, and this year we recreated that.
In one year, he's gone from taking his first steps, to running and keeping up with his brother. He's been an absolute champion of a sleeper, 12 hours at night and 2.5 hour naps every day. He still eats a chocolate chip pancake for breakfast every morning, though we try to balance it out with apples, smoothies or "fuddies" as he calls them. He can pound a pb&j, crust on, in about four minutes.
He is a talker!! Trucks, trucks, trash trucks, tractor trucks, big trucks, if there is a truck within seeing or hearing distance, he has to let you know about it, and will continue to let you know about it until you think that maybe your tired of knowing about it.
He talks in four word sentences "No cheese Si-Dog", loves to read books, always requests more songs, and is not a fan of TV unless it is "fishies".
He is still very affectionate, would spend all day being carried if your back wouldn't break, and loves to clobber anyone in sight.
He is so outgoing, waves hi to most people, and laughs a lot!
He's my little Troy Troy, my Trom, my baby, Timmy's Bro Bro, or as Troy calls him, "MeeMee".
At any given time you can find him scaling tall playgrounds, sucking his thumb/rubbing his face on his Nieners (blanket) or playing at his kitchen.
For his birthday, it was a Sunday, so he wore his "I am 2" shirt, and Tim's mom and eldest sister came over for some present opening in the afternoon...

He loved this money bank, and putting in change all day! Until he's over putting all the money away and instead just leaves three dollars in pennies all over the floor for mommy to "hel me" put away.

He also got a ride on pa-plane, that if Timmy even looks at, prepare for the wrath of terrible twos. Oh yes, it's that time.

But overall, we are looking forward to a year with our little guy being two with lots of molars to finish breaking through, 18 month clothes to put away, ABC's to learn, and perfecting his colors, etc.

Love my little Trom Bom!!

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